Hello all, I thought I would do a write up on my point of view of Joyetech's eGo ONE MEGA kit. In this write up/review I will go through the pros, cons, difficulties I've had and of course a link to where I purchased it.

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Package contents;
- Joyetech eGo One Mega 2600mAh battery
- eGo One Mega Tank
- 2x CL standard coils (Not TC) (1x 1.0ohm, 1x 0.5ohm)
- Charging Cable
- Warranty Card

The site that I ordered this from also included a free wall adapter, and some caaaaaannnnddddyyyy
(Site JOYETECH EGO ONE Mega 2600Mah 4ml Starter Kit – Wick And Wire Co. please visit them, have a browse, cheap prices, cheap postage and just amazing service, they had shipped it on Wednesday and I had it Friday morning, they are located in Melbourne ?I think? and I am located in the Adelaide region of South Australia, so pretty great postage! Overall rating for the site 10/10)

Overall Thoughts;
I have had the ONE Mega now for a few weeks using it as a casual vape, and honestly it has to go down as one of the more solid builds I have yet handled on the cheaper price of starter kits, I would place it right up there with the iJust 2, I will be reviewing the iJust 2 tomorrow from my point of view also. The eGo One Mega comes with a huge 4ml tank, although the Kanger Aerotank tromps it with a whopping 6ml tank, but for what it is, what the price is, you can't go wrong! It is 22mm in diameter, the same as the iJust 2. Both feel fantastic in the hand. I got the black edition and it looks stunning, many people have commented on the fantastic colour, well.... shade. The AFC ring could have better grips to make turning easier, but once you got it where you want it, she doesn't move! Overall I'd rate the Joyetech eGo One Mega 8/10.

Now.... The pros;
For the time I've used this vaporizer I've noticed a lot of pros! These include BUT not limited to!
- The 0.5ohm coil for lung hits starts to vape straight away, such a strong flavor, as well as great flavor, it also has a great cloud!
- While the 1.0ohm coil for mouth to lung hits, takes a bit longer to get going, but again great flavor, clouds are.. acceptable? ahh!
- The decent tank capacity allows you to get a decent hard vaping day out of it!
- The battery is BLEEEEEEPING phenomenal for what it is!
- For the price its a bargain? deerrrp!
- Great for beginners that wouldn't mind a decent cloud, just because its a cheaper vaporizer it still "Chucks the vapor" as 'RiP Trippers' would say!
- Light weight compared to mods such as the MVP 3.0 pro (obviously) but it's just comfortable to carry!
- It has a 15 second cut off (could be 10 cant recall) but when using the 0.5ohm lung hit coil you can get a real nice cloud!
- Having CL coils you can get replacement ones for a decent cheap price ($13-$15 for a pack of 5, derp!) but you can also get rebuildable coils for it, so there ya go!

Oh No... cons time;
Well despite the "Oh no..." at the start I don't really have many cons but I do have a few cons to ***** about, let's see what they are!
- OKAY this may just be me! BUT there's just hardly any grip on the AFC :/
- Whilst the airflow is GOOD it is not GREAT! I mean you get a nice easy hit, but when comparing it to the iJust 2, the iJust 2 has a lot more flow, basically I like my flow as open as possible!
- I would of really liked for the eGo One Mega tank to have a top filling post, it's probably just me again, but i don't like having to take the tank off, pulling the base and coil out and then filling, while you do this the coil seems to drip and all a sudden you got e-juice everywhere and it's a MASSIVE pain in the ass!

Honestly that's probably gotta be it, I would actually recommend this. This product is great for someone starting out, or someone looking to upgrade from those nasty eGo-t's and such. For the price ($59.95) I fully recommend it! It's cheap, sturdy, feels absolutely solid and it's so worth it, you only have to pay once and your stuck with this beauty. She is worth it!

I will do a review on the iJust 2 tomorrow, followed by the MVP 3.0 pro, followed by the Kanger Aerotank! Depending on what you all think, was this handy? comment! and feel free to add/message me! I have no friends! :c I'm thinking in the future I might do a giveaway of some sort, not exactly sure yet! Maybe gold coin donation and all donations go to a charity and someone wins a kit or something, not really sure at this exact point in time, but we will see! Have a good night everyone! I should be able to sleep now! :3