Vendor link: Bigglesworth Labs

I picked up this juice through their Valentine's Day promotion. This line is part of Bombies Automatic, so it ships to Australia and the shipping isn't horrible. All testing was done on .4 dual 3mm 26g kanthal at 50w in a dripper. There are no options for pg/vg mix but eyeballing it I'd say it's ~70% VG. Available in 0/1.5/3/6mg.

Banana, tobacco, peanut butter, magic. Unique, slightly sweet, earthy and rich with a subtle cooling (which can be found in greater strength in Snowdrift). This flavor is satisfying with staying power.

I've been using the DIY version of this for months. The tobacco is very subtle and just gives the juice a nice base to work from. The banana is fairly light as well, coming in as the only sweet note that shows up on the exhale but never overpowers the other flavors. Peanut butter is what you're going to get up front. It's a smooth PB taste, not especially nutty and blending very well with the tobacco and banana. The thing that really makes the juice is the Koolada for cooling. I've tried it without the Koolada and it was a dark/sweet mess. You really need it to make this juice work.

Snowdrift is the same formula as our Prairie E-Liquid, with the addition of a light frost provided by Axiom Icicles.

This was the one I really made the order for, since peanut butter/banana/mint was too weird not to try. It was unfortunately disappointing. The flavor of Prairie is in there, but it's beaten down by an incredibly strong peppermint to the point where you don't taste it on every hit. It's brighter than a lot of menthols but I spent the entire bottle trying to pick out any flavor past the mint. The subtlety of the tasty base juice was lost.

a rich, delicious almond cake with a slight note of apricot jam layered in.

This juice came across as a tasty, nutty cake with a little bit of a lemony flavor. The closest approximation I could find would be a poppyseed muffin with lemon zest. It's not super cakey, or super sweet, but the cake is definitely the primary flavor. The fruit jam barely came out at all, at least not as a strong fruit flavor. I never got to try this with coffee as recommended on their site but I'd imagine it'd go great with it. It wasn't bad but that bitter lemon note threw it off for me.

Creamy mint followed by a body of mellow chocolate.

This was a free sample, as I've never really tried a chocolate I've liked. It turned out to be surprisingly good. If you've ever had an Andes mint you'll recognize the flavor. The mint is very smooth and not menthol-ey while the dark chocolate flavor is the best chocolate I've tried. I was sad I didn't get a 30ml as the 15ml sampler ran out way too fast.

All of these juices, while I wouldn't reorder Snowdrift and Amalfi, and definitely ADV candidates. Amalfi is the darkest juice and got a little gunky at the end of the 30ml, but still far less than most cake juice. The others were really clean. I ran Prairie and Snowdrift on the same cotton and probably could have pulled another 60ml on it easy before cleaning/rewicking. Valentine might have had some buildup on coils if I had a bigger bottle but as a chocolate juice it was still impressive.

Good juice, frequent sales, try it out if you like high vg. They unfortunately don't do sample packs but at US$12/30ml it's not an expensive gamble.