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Thread: February zamplebox review (late I know) with pics

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    February zamplebox review (late I know) with pics

    Thought I would share my first zamplebox and what my review on what I got.
    Here is the flavour menu

    and the bottles themselves

    I will start from the left of the box.
    Company name first: Name of juice

    Classic Likwids - Soggy Cereal
    ~Very busy flavour, lots of different cereal notes overall pleasant but not great.
    Would I purchase this? Nope

    Oneup Vapor - Jamba Drink
    Fruity flavour strong mango and a bit of banana but a bit scratchy (will mention however I find most fruit vapes scratchy)
    Would I purchase this? Nope

    Carp Diem - Afternoon delight
    ~Lovely sweet flavour that reminds me of dessert wine with fruit a light cheesecake note
    Note: This juice left a very sugary taste in my mouth and I am guessing it's packed with sweetener or something else
    Would I purchase this? Possibly

    I love donuts
    ~Absolute f*cking heaven!!!! Gorgeous donut flavour with gooey blueberry notes, ultra ultra smooth vape with delicious flavour
    Would I purchase this? Yes..... All of it!

    Chicago Juice Mob: Godfather
    ~Burnt caramel taste with a little hint of nectarine, didn't like this flavour combo
    Would I purchase this juice? Nope

    Cafe racer craft eliquid: Peach Guzzi
    ~Very unusual flavour, took some getting used to but ended up loving this stuff. Fruit custard with hints of green tea that comes through every now and then which cleansed the palate.
    Would I purchase this juice? Yep!

    Despite only really liking a few of the juices I got, still really enjoyed my zamplebox and will continue with my subscription.
    It's a lot of fun trying new flavours and ones that I wouldn't usually look at twice.
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    That Chicago Juice Mob Godfather is one of my fav juices. I tried it first time in my Zamplebox once and I have since
    purchased from the manufacturer. Great stuff.

    Months go by then after having a better look at the new system at ZB I see we can fav juices and get them in future
    boxes....well I immediately put this as a fav. At this stage (and probably still to this date) there had only been one
    other juice I have really loved from ZB and I got that before the new system so it wasn't listed.

    Long story short-ish. I got the Godfather again and it was so bad. I tried hard but struggled to finish the bottle. I ended
    up tipping the last couple of ml down the sink. Not all juice is nice when its old. Some is best freshly mixed or a few days
    after and that was the problem. It was old could clearly see that. I reckon they are still giving people juices
    from the first batch. Actually I got 18mg and they haven't made that strength for ages so Im pretty sure they are.

    This is one of the things that bothers me with ZB.....the age of some of the juices you get.

    BTW I was unlucky enough to get 3 Carp Diem juices in one box a few months ago (including the one you got). Its probably
    up there with some of the worst juice I have ever had. Couldn't finish the little bit I put in my dripper let alone a full bottle.
    I still have all 3 bottles somewhere. As they say.....taste is subjective
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    Taste really is subjective.
    Funny how we are pretty much at opposites for the 2 flavours.
    I like the flavour of Carp Diem it was just the sugary feeling it left in my mouth that bothered me, it was like something in the juice wasn't vapourising properly and was building up in my mouth.
    Actually cracked open godfather again last night as I am running low on juice and just trying to finish off everything and second time around I don't completed hate it. It still wouldn't be something I would purchase but it's not so bad.
    I too worry about the age of ZB juices however at least I know they're well steeped.
    Thinking I might go another month or two and the just switch to direct purchasing, I'd still be essentially gambling on whether I like a flavour or not but ZB has given me some direction as to what companies I like.

    I put I love donuts in my favourites - plan is to buy the biggest bottle I can find of it. It's probably my fav juice of all time (at this stage) ha ha
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    Thanks Walker for your review, I like the surprise factor What was the cost after conversion to aus $ & shipping?

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    A 6 bottle kit works out to be a smidgen under $50 per month shipped to your door plus minus for exchange rate.
    Mine shipped to WA in about 2 weeks.
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    I been thinking of trying Zample Box only thing that put me off is if i get a lot of juice i don,t like

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