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    Zamplebox - WARNING!

    Hi everyone,
    I recently posted my February zamplebox review and was happy with what I got.
    Fast forward to march and I wanted to post a review about my experience.
    I won't be rating the juices individually as there is little to no point but I will say this:

    Every bottle I received was vile absolutely putrid tasting juice.
    1 bottle had a manufacture date of more than 6 months ago.
    After sampling the juices I developed extremely painful ulcers on my gums, I can't pin point exactly which juice had this affect as I flavour hop.

    I contacted zamplebox and they were pleasant in their reponse and were quick to offer replacement bottles.
    If they do come good with this offer I highly doubt I will use the juice, not prepared to take that chance.

    It is possible I have simply had a reaction to one of the ingredients in one of the bottles however for those who have read my posts, I have tried a mountain of juices from all over and never had a reaction to anything so I believe it's more likely to be a dud bottle of juice.

    Needless to say I have cancelled my subscription and will stick to DIY and local juice suppliers for the time being.

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    Sorry to hear mate. Don't know why you'd get ulcers. If it was from a juice that is highly concerning, never encountered that before. Did you experience any sensation while actually vaping the juice or was this a delayed onset?

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    I think mouth ulcers are fairly common with vaping. I get them sometimes and I think I remember seeing one of the guys
    on here posting a thread about them a while ago. I get them only on my tongue and still haven't worked out the cause. Not
    sure weather its from certain juices or because I only ever get them round the tip of my tongue, I was thinking it maybe
    from spit an agitation from being burned or something.

    I will see if I can find that thread in a minute.

    I'm interested in hearing what juices you got if you do get a minute to spare and dont mind telling us.

    I've had a really bad experience with them sending out replacements in the past so perhaps dont get your hopes up with
    regard to those. I really hope they do send you something you can vape though. ZB only works out as good value if you
    can vape what you get or the majority of it.

    I've had them send me out juice that was bottled almost a year prior. I think I might have mentioned that to you before.

    edit - Here is the thread I was thinking of. It was mouth sores rather than ulcers but I had a brief look and some people
    do mention ulcers also. Any of you guys get mouth sores from vaping?
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