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Thread: 3 DIY clones from Sydney Vapor!

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    3 DIY clones from Sydney Vapor!

    Ok so decided to dip my toe in the DIY pool by ordering a couple of clone packs from Sydney Vapor. First off I'll note the postage and delivery speed was excellent, the packaging was excellent and the customer service (see: Blue Voodoo) was also excellent. It also appears to be a very economical way to go about it, much cheaper than the doublers route in most cases I've seen thus far.

    Being DIY the S&V (shake and vape) portion of these reviews was done after mixing AND a warm bath. Otherwise the post steep reviews are after a week or so steeping. All vaping was done on Uwell Crown using 0.5 ohm ss coil heads at 30-40 watts. Keep in mind these are clones and I've not tried the originals so your mileage will vary.

    Blue Voodoo
    NOTE: I used an alternate recipe for this than what's on the site. I opted to use Cotton Candy flavouring over the Sucralose as I didn't wanna kill my coils. Sydney Vapor was happy to sub the flavourings for me at checkout!
    S&V: Right off the bat I'm surprised, it's not sweet... Well it is but nowhere near what I was expecting. Very strong punchy raspberry flavour. Getting abit of peach on the exhale but not as much as I'd have liked. Not really getting the sharp bite I was expecting from the reviews I'd seen but still nice.
    Post Steep: The peach and raspberry have combined into a very strong blue raspberry flavour. Lost that peach aftertaste which is abit of a shame. Sweetened up a lot, starting to see that sour candy bite I'd heard about. Also getting a really juicy finish on the exhale, leaves my mouth watering. I really like this juice, the only problem I have here is it's almost too strong. I feel like you could just about use the finished product as a doubler. Too much punch for ADV as it is.

    Moon Sugar
    S&V: Full disclosure, the juice description is vague and had I looked into it more I probably wouldn't have ordered it. Moon Sugar conjures thoughts of sweet, sugary, candy, ect. I of course now realise this is a baked flavouring, caramel, biscuit and so on. Having said that my S&V experience was actually amazing. It tastes like gingerbread, fresh gingerbread. Fantastic! Wasn't getting any real individual flavour just a nice spiced biscuit.
    Post Steep: Annnnnnd we lost it. The beautiful spiced biscuit has made way to a strange bread flavour. The spice is still there a tiny bit at higher wattages but disappears completely at the lower end. It's got a slightly sweet bread flavour with a slightly bitter aftertaste... Imagine sourdough sprinkled in sugar. I don't wanna say it's bad because quite frankly it's not, but it's a strange flavour. I think this would work better in a dripper, very much a one and done. A 4ml tank worth is just too much at one time.

    Sucker Punch
    S&V: It's been many years since I've tried fresh dragonfruit but from what I remember it was nothing special. I expected a candied version here and that's essentially what I got. It's kind of a non descript fruit flavouring, if you've ever had one of those generic white/clear jelly babies then that's what you can expect. It's sweet and candy like, the real surprise here is the cream finish. It's not a smooth cream, it's a candy cream, as in the white part of strawberry and cream Allens Lollies. It's not bad but if have liked if it was smoother.
    Post Steep: Nothing has changed really, the cream has kind of died off abit, still candied though. Not really much else to say about it, it's ok, it's nothing to write home about (much like the fresh dragonfruit).

    Overall I'm happy with my experience at Sydney Vapor. I ended up with 3x100ml bottles of juice, one of which is great, one of which is ok and one of which I'm still undecided on. Best part is if i buy another couple of bottles of concentrate I can easily double up.

    I've gone back to Vapoureyes for a second run of their flavours so perhaps I'll add them to my other VE post. Past that I've got ALOT of juice to keep me busy the next couple of weeks.

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    Im happy enough that i bought more clones. They are en route. The best thing is you can tweak the recipe to make it more of what you like 😎😎

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    Also if you dont want to make the same thing again, the chances are you will have a few flavours from another recipe so
    you can just by the rest of what you need from the flavour concentrates section and try something new.
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    Ive gotten 5 of these packs so far and they've all made excellent juice. Right now im vaping the rocket man clone and its tasty as. And as Tara has noted your left with a whole bunch of flavours to use for later mixes or add a small amount to make another batch of the same recipe. Good value imo.
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    Yes unicorn milk and dragons blood is tasty as.

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