after using the ego AIO and managed to stop smoking i wanted something to use
when im home and use the AIO for when i go out.

After looking and reading i went with the cuboid mini because
1: it was made by the same mob who make the AIO
2: had good reviews
3: was more MTL friendly from all i reviews i read and watched.

First impression was that it was solid looking and feeling in your hands
all the buttons felt nice and not flimsy.

So after a bit of reading primed the 0.6 om coil i like and set the unit up for
ss316 and had a puff.Wow the flavor and vapor production was far superior
the the AIO, dont get me wrong the AIO is great but this is much different
due the adjustable temp and wattage settings.

after a few days use thought i would do a firmware upgrade and then when i went to set it
up for the ss316 i could not find the setting there anymore.Well being a little pissed of
after reading that it should be there i rolled the firmware back and started scrolling the net
for a solution.

Well a few days later found this hidden gem

that Although there is no 'UP' button on the cuboid mini you can

Hit the power button 3 times like before and scroll to the Temp mode.
Hit the down button first to select the currently shown temp mode then
hit the up button to scroll through the hidden temp modes.

The unit now has had the firmware upgraded and the ss316 setting in place
and working like a charm.

All in all great little unit as a progression from a simple starter kit in the AIO
to a more user set device.