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    clouds of vapor Hybrid and Dual coil atomisers

    When i ordered my siam mod SS driptips from cloudsofvapor I ordered a couple of new atomisers

    - 2.5ohm bridgeless bottomfeeder atty hybrid (306 atomiser in a 510 case, without a bridge and made for bottom feeders.)
    - 3.5 ohm dual coil 510 atomiser

    Not real impressed with either to be honest. The hybrid was a bit better than the dual coil, but 306 SR have never been that good in my opinion , and these hybrids seem to follow suit. Average vapor 4.2v's to 5v's. Like the idea but not worth buying.
    The 3.5 ohm dual coils was also very disappointing. very average vapor, right up to 6v's.

    I really could't be bothered using them for more than 10 minutes each. Not sure if they need longer to break in, but i couldn't be bothered with them. The gold edition Joye LR 510 i am currently using on my 3.7v Reo woody blows them out of the water. They dont appear to worth paying $9 a pop for and paying postage from USA for.

    Anyone else tried them? Interested to hear opinions ? Particularly if they need a long break in period? Otherwise these wont be pulled out of the atomiser box again.
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