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Thread: Vaporesso Estoc Mega tank with EUC coil & ceramic wick

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    Vaporesso Estoc Mega tank with EUC coil & ceramic wick

    Thanks to HeavenGifts & Christina our HeavenGifts rep, I have received free for review the Vaporesso Estoc Mega tank with EUC coil (ECO Universal coil).

    The Estoc Mega comes in a plastic wrapped, cardboard box, which has a cloth tab to pull & slide the inner contents out with. There was no scratch to reveal sticker, to check authenticity.
    On the back there is some information about the Estoc Mega & a list of contents inside the box.
    On one side of the box is some warnings & information about the coils, the other side has the Vaporesso logo & a sticker to indicate the tank color.

    (all photos can be clicked on to see in full size)

    Opening the box, you need to pull on the cloth tab to slide the tray out, then lift a cardboard flap to get to the goodies inside. The first thing you'll find is a little black envelope with Vaporesso written in silver on the front.
    Under the envelope you'll find the Estoc Mega, a spare glass tank & a spare coil in a foil backed plastic capsule.

    Inside the envelope is an instruction manual, warranty card & some product information cards.

    Lifting the plastic holding the tank & other parts out, you'll find a bag of spares, which is two different types of orings & a grey vape band which Vaporesso are calling a "Cover Lid", the Estoc Mega comes with the red version already fitted.

    Assembly & Filling:

    The Estoc Mega is well machined & the black coating is a quality finish.
    The tank comes apart so that the coil can be replaced while you still have juice in the tank. To do that you will want to take the drip tip out (so you can stand the tank on your desk etc) & hold the tank upside down. Then you will be able to unscrew the base from the tank without having juice pour out through the wicking holes on the chimney "sleeve".

    The tank comes apart for easy cleaning.

    The coil has a cotton outer wick, surrounding a ceramic wick with the coil on the inside of the ceramic. So air flows up through the center of the coil.
    The coil heads just press into the base of the tank, there is no screwing required on the coil heads but once press fitted into the base they hold well enough that they won't fall out unless you want them out.

    The coils are marked well & indicate the material of the wire, the ohms & the suggested wattage range, as well as having "ceramic" etched on them to indicate the wick type.

    Filling is from the top & for this you need to unscrew the top cap. You can leave the "vape band" on the top cap or remove it when doing this, either way is fairly easy. Unless there is a drop of juice under the "vape band" & then it can make it a bit more difficult to unscrew the top cap with it on.

    When refilling I did not bother to close the AFC & the Estoc Mega did not leak or gurgle because of that.
    Filling with any type of bottle you have will be simple, you could even pour juice in from bottles without dripper nozzles, just don't pour juice into the chimney in the middle.

    You can fill the tank all the way up to just below the chimney threads without experiencing problems. If you fill above this level, it may cause juice to leak out the top around the top cap or into the coil (causing gurgles/leaks).

    In use & final thoughts:

    The Estoc Mega, performs quite well, it delivers loads of vapor for reasonable sized cloud production. It's not going to help you win any cloud competitions but that is not what it was designed for IMO.
    I feel this would be a good tank for new vapers, looking to upgrade from starter kits such as AIOs.

    The exception to the above would be vapers that enjoy tobacco or creamy desert style juices, in testing tobacco flavors were muted.
    I did not test creamy desert style juices but having used & experienced other ceramic wick tanks, the similarities between their performance & this tank leads me to believe that these types of juices would also be muted.
    Fruit flavored juices are where this tank is really going to shine, if you like your fruit flavors then tanks with ceramic wicks are something you should definitely try.
    I tested the Estoc Mega with a Blueberry Doughnut flavor & the Blueberry stood out, with the Doughnut in the background, compared with a tank using cotton wicks, the Blueberry was more pronounced.

    The tank has not leaked at all during my testing, even when sitting for a week half filled with juice & untouched, many tanks will have a small (sometimes large) amount of leaking when performing this test but the Estoc Mega passed with flying colors.
    The AFC works well, however it is rather stiff to turn & in practice I found it easier to remove the tank from my mod then adjust the AFC to a different setting, this is a con, AFC should be more easily adjustable.
    The AFC does have a stop at wide open & fully closed positions, so this is a plus, as it means you can adjust your AFC in the dark & know if it is wide open or full closed or somewhere in between (if you can get it to turn while on your mod).
    To be fair, once you have your preferred air flow setting, you probably don't want to change it but fine tuning your AFC, initially, may be a little annoying with the Estoc Mega.

    The EUC coils work well, I don't really see how they are more environmentally friendly than similar replaceable coil heads though, to me this is just a marketing ploy.
    I tried using the SS316 coil in Temp Control mode on my mods & the temp protection warning kept coming up, so while SS316 can be used in TC mode, these coils are not really designed for TC & will not give a good vaping experience used in TC mode, I feel.
    In Wattage mode is where the SS316 performed well, running at about 34W, the vape was warm & plentiful, with good flavor.

    Overall the Estoc Mega gets a thumbs up, it is well made & mostly easy to use & fill.
    I also like the looks of it, a mostly plain black tank with a small Vaporesso logo laser etched on one side.
    It produces a good vape (better with fruit flavors, not so good with tobaccos) & is unlikely to leak or gurgle.
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