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Thread: Avocado Bottom Air Flow 24

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    Avocado Bottom Air Flow 24

    This will be a first look review, but a lot of my opinions are based on first impressions.


    Flavour, Bottom airflow=awesome flavour, better than the original avo.
    Wicking, Massive kidney slots allowing easy wicking of 3mm coils without having to reduce/thin wicking material.

    That's it


    Bell shape, meh. Preferred the original....

    Drip tip, WTF. The stainless version with the delrin drip tip looks okay.
    The Black on black, for some reason looks gaudy.
    Unfortunately unless you revert back to a 510 drip tip you are stuck with this hideous spout.(best descriptor, really)
    It's too long or something. It just doesn't work/fit the appearance

    It's taller than the original......
    Half the reason I like the first Avocado was it's compact size

    Adjustable juice flow:

    Again WTF
    I unscrewed/broke the handle off mine to get it out of the way.
    It's unnecessary, I get what they were trying for, but epic fail!

    Build Quality:

    One of the grub screws was stripped, out of the box.
    The top cap is a little too 'sharp' to slip on and off easily(bites on o rings). This may improve with time though.
    Airflow inlet doesn't line up squarely with the coil. See pic
    Otherwise not bad as per geekvape norm.


    To build on, this is a great RDTA, if your into single coils. 2 coils make it a pain to refill, to a point where you don't want to use it.

    I sort of regret the purchase, there are too many steps backwards from the original for me to recommend this over the first.

    I like the flavour, and wicking ability. But that's it.

    I love my avo 24 and that's what made me get this, expecting a better/improved RTDA. I don't think that's what this is.

    Disappointed? yeah...
    I'll still give it a run, but it's definitely not one of my top choices...

    I've only had this a day or so, but that's all it's taken me to come to this conclusion.

    All said and done, I like the way it vapes, is that what makes a good RDTA?
    It's not the whole package, but it works....

    Happy to hear other opinions

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    Weird that theres so many little oddball niggly things on this one

    I love my orginal 22mm one, only dual capable tank ive ever kept, and weirdly for single coil enthusiast (nazi), thats what it has in it at the mo....with extremely well steeped youcan toucan in it

    Is the delrin tip bigger than the original? or just designed differently?

    The trick i use when filling the 22mm one in duallie mode is to use a needle, i just poke it down one wick hole and slowly fill, once the needles out the wick fills out again and closes the gap, but yeah if you dont have blunt needles handy, youre going to have a fiddle on your hands
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    I also took care of that juice flow thing and trimmed the single coil adaptor. Now it can be filled with everything still in place. With these adjustments I like it for single coil, will fulfill its purpose as a juice taster for me since its easy to rinse out and rewick. Its definitely not ideal for duals though.

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    The Delrin drip tip is about 2mm too long and it's a slightly different diameter to the little protrusion in the top cap, making a small step. Would look cleaner if it was the same o.d. it looks out of proportion, IMO
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