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I have bought 2 of these and while the vape it excellent, the e-cig itself is poorly made. First of all, this E-cig is the most fragile one I have ever seen and I have had to replace the glass tanks on them many times. The tanks are cheap, if that was the only issue I could deal with that. I also found the fire buttons on these to be terrible, and give out before 30 days is up. Not good at all.

The draw was very good and I could get a throat hit without adding nic, which I consider to be very good, but the unit never lasted more than a month so for this reason I cannot recommend this E-cig, especially to a beginner or anyone on a budget ....
Several months on & mine is still working, without having need of replacing the tank.
How did your tanks break, did you drop the mod or treat it a little roughly?
Sure I don't use mine all day every day, because I have better mods/gear but I estimate that if I had been using it constantly it would have had 6 weeks of constant use & there are no signs of the button failing or the tank wanting to crack.
I guess if you were pressing the button harder than it needed to be pressed that it could start to fail over time & honestly I don't think the Joyetech AIO button is any better than the Pockex button, so if you are heavy handed when using buttons the AIO probably is not going to last you very long either. Though with both there is no need to be heavy handed with the buttons, just press until you feel/hear them click is all that is needed.

I have directly or indirectly advised a lot of newbies to get the Pockex & many of them have had theirs for over a Month without issues, in fact you are the first person I know of that has had any issues with the button & I know of only 1 other that dropped their Pockex & broke the glass but as far as I am aware they replaced the glass & it is still working months later.
I'm not trying to dispute you having problems with yours, I'm sure you wouldn't have posted here if there wasn't issues you were having, just trying to get more information & a better picture of what is happening in your case.