A contributor to this forum asked me for my opinion of the Efest LUC Blue 6 Battery Charger, here it is.

The charger is excellent. With all the safety features of the Efest LUC 4 and this one is capable of charging six 18650 Batteries. When set to 0.5A it will charge six batteries.

I deliberately chose different batteries from my collection to test the unit and am satisfied with its performance. There a several vendors that sell this unit and I am not about to advertise any vendor in particular as it seems FM does not like this. Go to VapeAssist and search for it there and deal with a vendor of your choice.

Slots 1 & 6 can charge 2 batteries @ 2A
Slots 2 to 5 can charge 4 batteries @ 1A
Slots 1 through to six can charge 6 batteries @ 0.5 and this is my preferred charging current as anything higher shortens battery life.

The user guide is well written and presented and not like some user guides I have come across that have been poorly translated into English. It is comprehensive and easy to understand even for a newbie with little electrical knowledge.

As far as the unit goes I cannot fault it. However its Bluetooth App gave me cause for concern.

I run a Samsung Galaxy S5 smart phone with AVG Pro security system installed.

I scanned the bar code app to go to the download site where the app is found and immediately my security software started flashing danger warnings that this app could do damage to my device.


After considerable communication with both Efest and the vendor, it appears that Efest did not obtain a security certificate for people to down load this app from the site given by the bar code. Smartphones that have permission to download apps from unknown sites disabled will block this. One has to unblock the security settings on the smartphone to allow the download of the app and its installation. This was a big PITA to me and for this Efest get a big (-) con.

Once I down loaded and installed the app and my AVG pro ran its scan of it the app was safe to open. The app required no special permissions like some nosy apps on Google Play and functions very well.

You do not have to go to the charger to see if your batteries are charged. Leave the app running in the background of your phone and the app will tell you when your batteries are ready.

In summary I would give this product (*)(*)(*)(*) out of five had they not wasted my time sussing out the security of their Bluetooth app I would have awarded them 5.
The comments contained in this review are my own and I purchased the unit and am using it and this review is in now way a free product for a favorable review.