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    AFS v3

    Note: I don't (at the time of this writing) own a GGTS, I've never even seen an AVS or AFS v2, and I have no 510 cartos to try. I cannot compare this to anything but dripping. This also isn't a GG vs The World post, since those are dumb. I didn't get this for free or with any kind of discount.

    The AFS v3 is basically a retooled AVS. It was released relatively recently and I picked one up when I heard the AU supplier had them. The "v3" is a little misleading. Essentially the evolution of the product went AFS, AFS v2, then the AVS (the GGTS-only model most of you probably know), and then AFS v3. Originally requiring an atomizer with a hole drilled in it that you had to purchase at an inflated cost, the AVS and AFS v3 models do not require special atomizers.

    The information on the AFS v3 is relatively scarce, but this is probably due to it just being a general improvement to the AVS. In terms of usage, it's exactly the same. To put it simply, the AFS seals off all but the mouthpiece of your atomizer with a tank of juice surrounding it. When you inhale the juice gets sucked in through the air intake holes (along with air) and essentially drips for you.

    I'll be posting initial impressions currently, followed by long-term experience after a few weeks. I think both views are valid, and hopefully it will allow me to not miss things that might be forgotten about in a delayed review as well as show how much learning may/may not be involved.

    Initial Setup and Fun Stuff

    This is all using DKTAB (PG, Dekang) and VG hasn't been tested. Also, while I've chatted to people on irc I intentionally didn't get any assistance with this. It's possible I'm doing stuff incorrectly, but since there's no documentation it's all based on my googling.

    It already came assembled. I took it apart, washed the individual bits, dried, and put it back together. No instructional tutorials were required. If I had received it (or the AVS, which has a larger number of parts) as a broken-down hobby kit it probably would have taken ~10 minutes fitting things together. The youtube videos somehow make assembly seem more complex than it actually is.

    There is an assembly problem, as displayed in this video, where the atomizer post coming out of the juice tank does not make it to the battery contact inside the collection cup. If I didn't have that video handy I would be sitting here wondering why the atty never fired. Relying on people to google for information is a really poor choice, and even a couple of cheap printed pages stuffed into the package could clear things like this up.

    While it's right there in the order page I've heard a little confusion over the threading. To be clear, the AFS v3 has a 510 connector inside the tank and a 901 connector outside the tank. This means your normal 510 atomizers will work but you will need an adapter to connect to your mod's 510 thread. Why imeo would do this I have absolutely no idea. Just make sure you order a 901->510 adapter if your mod just has a 510 connector.

    The same youtube video above showed me how to fill. I was also advised on irc that this is generally the best method for filling. If you are a 4ml+ a day person, and traveling so that you don't have both hands free, you'll probably have issues here. It's not difficult but it takes much longer than dripping/replacing a cart.

    As far as vaping there's nothing really to say. It works just like anything else, only without the dripping. Only filling up once a day is a really nice convenience that you pay a premium for.

    There's a "control ring" between the collector tank and the juice tank. It controls the air flow. I only give it a quarter turn or so and the draw is good for me. I honestly have no idea how often it should be closed when it's sitting upright on a mod. Due to the design, you do NOT want to leave this thing on it's side when the control ring is open. When I'm vaping I usually take a hit every X minutes or so, and if you're supposed to close it every time you're done vaping that will suck.

    Twice now I've hit a burning taste. A couple of other times I've hit that special massive flavor change/drop that comes right before burning. In these cases I had to take a couple of firm drags without the button. I know this from reading about the AVS, but again a couple of lines on a sheet of paper would be sufficient to tell new users.

    Finally, and this is kind of common sense, gravity still effects the juice. Using it vertically is pretty much required after you vape a few ml. It's not really a deal-breaker, and it's possible that I'm the only one who holds their PV horizontally. I can't say for sure, but this may have been what generated the burning taste above.


    It works. I've had no bad o-rings, no sudden leaks, and my collection tank is oddly dry. My big complaints are the lack of documentation and the confusing use of a 901 threading to connect to the battery. It's definitely something I'll continue to use instead of dripping and will update this post in a few weeks after I've really put it through it's paces.

    Bonus stupid thing!

    Unfortunately, I fail at 901 adapters. The above issue with the battery connection post in the collection tank had me thinking (before I watched the video) that the internal threading in the adapter was at fault. I took a screwdriver to it to extend it out... which extended the 510 side post inside and popped the center post into my chuck. This boned the silicone isolator inside and effectively destroyed the mod. It was very, very dumb.

    On the plus side, being without a mod currently allowed me to create The Lollipop. Observe it in all it's glory!

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    Re: AFS v3

    Two Week Update and Conclusions

    Two weeks of using nothing but the AFS, and I'm still using it. Not much has changed, but there are a few things to mention.

    510 atty adapter and it's problems

    Here's where I got the most pain. Leakage and flooding for the first week of usage resulted from a few very simple design flaws.

    For reference, here's the connector for the 510 atomizer and it's extension that goes on the end of the atty:

    Note: My adapter isn't brass.

    The first problem comes into play due to the o-ring in the juice tank's top cap. Since the AVS tank/top/mouthpiece was designed for a 901 atomizer you need that little silver extended bit on the end of the atty to push it up to where a 901 would be. Around this goes an o-ring to seal the tank. Nothing seems amiss until you try a refill.

    When you unscrew the top cap, the o-ring will grip that little extension and unscrew the atomizer. It's so subtle that you won't even notice it's happening until the top comes off with the atty attached. You can push down on the atomizer while taking the top off but it will still unscrew slightly each time. If you try to hand-tighten it back on it won't go back on as snugly as it should and will actually unscrew the adapter from the tank itself before it sufficiently tightens.

    The result is after 2-3 refills you'll notice the atty is wobbly in the tank (even after hand-tightening) and at this point you'll need to empty the tank, take the adapter out and give it a good twist. Unless you have small hands you won't actually be able to put pressure on the bottom post (needed for refilling) and hold the connector at the same time. It's annoying since you're essentially doing a tank cleaning every time you refill.

    The solution is to pop the o-ring out with something small and thin before use. Problem solved, but annoying nonetheless.

    The second issue is the tiny ring you can see in the above pic around the atomizer connector. You need to spin this up to the atomizer and then back it off a bit. How much is decided entirely by your juice. Half a turn had a 50% vg mix I made completely flooded the atty on every drag. The same setting on a 5% vg mix is just fine. Too much slack and you get leakage. Too little and you flood the atty. Since you basically have to empty the tank, adjust the ring and then partially refill the tank every time just to test for any specific juice this gets old fast.


    The above connector issue resulted in the only leakage I've seen from the AFS. It doesn't even leak a lot. It just happens to leak in the worst possible spot.

    Inside the collector tank there's a ridge that separates where the juice collects and where the air intake holes are. If you get enough (like 1-2 drops) of juice on this ridge you're screwed. The air holes clog, leading to atty flooding. Eventually the juice will drain out the air intakes and coat your pv with tiny drops of nicotine. Sure, you can wipe it down to temporarily "fix" the issue, but that's a dumb fix. Imeo's suggestion was less than helpful.

    Thanks to Hopefulll on #aussievapers who pointed out this video that specifically said to tighten the ring up. It looks like it blocks the atty intakes. It doesn't.

    Third-party stuff required

    This is another sticking point for me. You're going to require a syringe. I don't use CE2s or anything that would ever require one. I have no reason to own one outside of the AFS. Without one you cannot drain the tank quickly for 510 connector adjustments or clean out the collection tank without dumping all the juice. A bevel in the collection tank and a mechanism that didn't require adjustment in the main tank would eliminate this problem.

    Additionally, a "condom" for the end post of the 510 adapter would make hand-tightening the atty feasible. I don't even know where people get these but they should really be included in the package. They would make refilling so much less of a mess.

    Final Blurb

    All in all the learning curve to the device is almost entirely based on it's inexplicable lack of documentation. The billing of "this is for experienced vapers" is disingenuous - previous experience has nothing to do with it. You're expected to utilize google to figure out even the most basic operation of the AFS. You'll want to use the cheap, crap juice you have since you'll be leaking/swallowing a lot of it. Regardless of the price tag this is still just some mod produced by some guy on ECF. If you're not into fiddling, then this isn't your thing.

    The above probably all sounds very negative, but I'm still using the AFS now and don't plan on giving it up. Once you get to the point where you know what you're doing everything is sweet. I carry a bottle of juice in my bag but never have used it outside of the first leak-filled week. I spent Sydney's hellish Australia Day this year and each day at work without dripping or worrying about juice. While writing this I've just been grabbing it and taking a drag without once getting a mouthful of incinerated juice that indicated I needed to drip again. It does work, if not right out of the box, and people with enough patience to get through the first few weeks will likely find the cost and effort entirely justified.

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    Re: AFS v3

    Awesome reviews psych ..

    and thats with a good one .. mine was FUBAR from day 1 (V1) ..

    that little groove runs under the O ring .. after I finally discovered why the hell it wouldn't seal (hard to see with naked eye) . I was told by Imeo that 'stone my friend you just need vaseline' .. over and over and over till threads where locked.

    Imeo can coat it wih vas and stick it where the sun don't shine ..

    Waiting patiently for a provari now .. the GG AVS sits quietly oxidising into dust in a box, good choice of material, one that reacts with juice. Could be fixed with an oxide layer.

    Above sounds negative .. cause it is, ware greeks bearing products..
    In order of useful: Provari V2 and V1, vamo, eGo twist, Katana v3, Hex, Orion v2, LavaTube, eGo x 6, VMAX, 510N, Tick V2, Tick V1, noEgo 18650, noEgo 14650 , Indulgence x 2, 905 6v mod, KR808D

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    Re: AFS v3

    Ahh its pysczero from whirlpool. How are you buddy

    Quote Originally Posted by psyczero
    Two Week Update and Conclusions
    510 atty adapter and it's problems
    This is not good to hear. I have just ordered in one of these thinking that if I could get it going with a 510 it could be the saving grace for me and my original 2nd gen tank.

    Quote Originally Posted by psyczero
    Two Week Update and Conclusions
    All in all the learning curve to the device is almost entirely based on it's inexplicable lack of documentation. The billing of "this is for experienced vapers" is disingenuous - previous experience has nothing to do with it. You're expected to utilize google to figure out even the most basic operation of the AFS. You'll want to use the cheap, crap juice you have since you'll be leaking/swallowing a lot of it. Regardless of the price tag this is still just some mod produced by some guy on ECF. If you're not into fiddling, then this isn't your thing.
    I wanted to touch on this as I feel its important. Also somewhat like you I lost a lot of premium juice.

    This is the complaint that I originally made to both Hope and then to Imeo when Imeo contacted me. There were vapers of four years having issues getting this device to either to not leak at the time, and yes I had the control ring closed.

    After months of huge community crap, it was admitted that the original had a fault but I had been assuming not looking into the GG scene since that the newer tanks and workings had addressed and perhaps even resolved these issues.

    My real point at the time was that considering we were paying a premium for what is "The greatest and only PV worth purchasing on the market" its not to much of an ask to have a basic manual for constructing, using and tweaking the unit included considering the price. If a 20 dollar ego battery can have that then I see no reason regardless of supposed "skill" that a unit of this pricing and complexity could not.

    Im now ordering in new batts, new orings the whole works to try and give mine one more go before I hit the provari as regardless of what people think of me I am not ready to write the GG off yet as I do like the unit itself.

    Which brings me to my final point, the GG itself is a great 6V device, easily one of the best I have used in my 12 months of vaping. I just dont share the same love for the AVS. It had a number of faults in its initial big reworking, and clearly there are still fiddly issues remaining. The issues themselves were never my problem, it was the original Australian vendor telling me to get bent followed up with Imeos "vasoline my friend, use more vasoline" that annoyed at me at the time.

    Great write up there psyczero, its encouraged me to give it another shot thats for sure.



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