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Thread: Mixology Juice Reviews

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    Mixology Juice Reviews

    Hi AVF

    As promised when i won my prize from Mixology I will be writing up some reviews ofthe juices I chose.

    First cab on the rank is Mixology house blend Honey Tobacco.

    * My hope was a flovour similar to Hiney Flavoured Cigars and thats what I got
    * Strong Honey flavour with hints of Tobacco
    * Not a ADV I find it too strong first thing in the morning
    * It hits that sweet tooth well
    * Plenty of clouds and flavour in the Wotofo Conquerer tank @ 0.32 Ohms two Kanthal 26ga coils Kendo Vapers cotton
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    Just thought I'd share my prizes as well now i have vaped em all.
    Stronought 6mg. Max vg
    Well this is an absolutely amazing vape. Apricot mango and strawberry. So the apricot and mango shine with a nice little strawberry undertone. Pretty sweet on the tounge and very very flavorsome also very smooth on the TH. I have had about 5 comments when out and about as to what is that fantastic smell.

    Lancia 6mg max vg
    So this one is lychee and mango . Has a similar taste to Stronaught but a little more sour in it. I get the lychee but has abit of a passionfruit flavor for me and of course that great taste of mango. Once again very smooth on the TH . Not as good as the stronought but hey its running a very close second would definitely recommend it.

    Skipples 6mg 50/50vg pg
    Well tastes like it kind of sounds like skittles. Quite sweet but tart at the same time. Has that skittles taste they got this one pretty close.

    Zombie Grave 6mg 50/50
    Well this one kind of tastes the same as Skipples to me i cant really split the two. Maybe a touch less sour than Skipples but pretty bloddy similar.

    Spartan apple strudel
    This is a pretty subtle vape sweet but not over sweet. Has a quiet heavy pastry flavor with a nice apple flavor with a very slight cinnamon undertone.

    Pancakes 6mg 50/50pg vg
    Has a nice pancake flavor with a quiet strong maple syrup flavor. Has a nice butter undertone. Very sweet.

    Gaia organic mango 6mg 100% vg
    So this flavor is mixed with alcohol to keep it 100% organic. You have to leave the lid off for a couple of days to let the alcohol evaporate. Taste wise omg u cant get anything more like bitting into a fresh ripe mango. Even has that ever so slight peppery taste a real mango has. (It doesn't taste like pepper but mango lovers will know what I mean). Becareful if your tank doesn't wick well this is some pretty thick juice.

    Only thing I would like to add is i would like to see a higher vg option for the mixology brand i feel that some of these flavors would benefit from a say 70% vg mix imo.
    Tnx a heap to mixology for the great prize.
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