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    Virgin Vapor Kona Coffee Milkshake

    The third of my juice prize I've tried is the Kona Coffee Milkshake.

    First off let me state in my own defense that I am not now, nor ever really have been a coffee drinker. I don't care for hot drinks and never really acquired the taste for iced coffees, despite living in the NT. ;-) I am by no means an aficionado of the bean and I don't know what is supposed to be different about kona cream either.

    The first thing I noticed about this juice is that it's not overly strong. It is very fragrant in the bottle and the smell from the bottle is quite different to the actual taste of the vape. It's a nice mellow earthy coffee flavour and a very smooth creamy milky flavour. Annette seems to have a real knack for flavour balance, if you ask me. Most coffee juices I've tasted have been VERY strong flavours, I'd even go so far as to say heavy-handed. This one just isn't overwhelming at all, it's very smooth and not really sweet, just rich creamy, milky coffee and maybe a little bit nutty. I quite like it, despite not being a coffee drinker!

    It doesn't shock me at all that this juice won 3rd place in the ECF best e-juice of 2011 awards.

    Like most Virgin Vapor juices I've seen, it's all VG but thinned down so you wouldn't have any difficulty with wicking in cartos. I'm not getting any "auto-feeding" floods with these juices on the Reo yet, but you have to be very gentle with the bottle or you'll easily flood and end up with a little juice in the mouth.

    Vapour production is fantastic, like pretty much every single Virgin Vapor juice I've ever tried.

    Throat hit is pretty mellow on this juice for some reason, granted with 12mg VG you wouldn't expect a huge TH anyway. I vaped this in an IKV 510 HV on my Lava Tube at 5.4V I tried stepping up the voltage as far as 5.8V but still a very mellow TH. Surprisingly, the juice didn't go burned tasting when bumped up a bit like other organic juices have for me in the past.

    If you are a coffee fan and want a non-sweet creamy coffee vape that isn't overwhelming you will want to try some of this juice for sure.

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    Interesting, i tried that one last week too, and it tastes like black coffee to me, i did get extra flavour though. And it floods my stardust, so i cant keep the wicks wet i have to vape until they are almost dry then just touch the juice to the wicks again and keep doing it that way.



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