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Thread: GeekVape Griffin AIO (All In One) Mini Review

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    GeekVape Griffin AIO (All In One) Mini Review

    The GeekVape AIO tank was provided by me for me to test, with my own money...because i dont do paid/free gear revues, as most vendors are too scared, and well the one recently who tried to sign me up wasnt, but i didnt sign up as i rarely buy gear, and therefore it wouldnt have been a good deal for them, even without my often scathing indictments of gear

    So these impressions/thoughts are from my own troubled mind and arent influenced by anything other than that

    Okay, so it took a while to get here from a presale at VapeSourcing, but its here, ive had it a few hours and im comfortable in saying i think it might get to stay

    Manufacturer details here: Griffin AIO RTA | GeekVape | Best RTA /RDTA/ RDA Manufacturer

    Brief details - more in link above:

    Width: 25mm tank
    Height: 65mm (including 10mm for the supplied driptip)
    Capacity: 5ml
    Airflow: Top & Bottom (both with click stops on each setting)
    Juice Flow Control: Yes (ill leave out my normal rant against it - i leave it fully open and get on with life)
    Refill: Top - large slots for easy filling
    Decks: Interchangeable - Comes supplied with dual velocity (with a single coil plug) deck AND a dedicated single coil one - these are Decks 1 and 3 on the product page. There are a total of 4 decks that you can get for it, including a postless. 5 if the clamp style single deck from the Pharaoh (Deck 5) becomes available separately, so far the only place ive seen thats selling extra decks is VaporDNA, and they only have decks 2-4 available:

    To be honest the extra decks arent for me as a single coilist, even the Pharoah clamp style one i probably wouldnt bother with as i prefer the screw contact method over the clamp style, but it may appeal to single coilists who use Clapton wires....

    So heres my mini revue, ill always refer you to youtube for more indepth reviews than im doing

    How it arrives:

    Heres how the package comes from GeekVape (right hand box section opened to show contents)

    Tank on left, extra dedicated single coil deck, non top airflow topcap, spare glass, spares orings and 510 driptip adapter, and wanky tool on the right

    The GeekVape Griffin is a 25mm tank, which includes both traditional bottom airflow, and the top airflow that used to come as an optional extra

    But thats not why i bought it because at the temps i vape, im almost certainly never going to use top airflow

    I bought it because my current long term tank, the mighty Lemo 2, wasnt handling the highest VG ive ever used and winter so well, with its tiny juice slits, and the Griffin has plenty of juice flow. Plus it also comes with 2 decks...a dual velocity style deck (with a single silicone plug) and a dedicated single coil deck - thanks GeekVape for not only the single pluggable deck, but a dedicated of the few tank makers that looks out for us singlists...

    Who's it for?:

    From *slightly* restrictive direct lung folk like me to full on wide open cloud broz. Not one for the MTL (mouth to lung brigade), though they prolly know that from a peek at the specs

    Test equipment:

    As always the tank is going to be paired with and tested on the mighty TreeBox...

    I had originally ordered the AIO to go with a Smok H-Priv, but i sold that last week, so i was a little but hesitant at how things would go whacking it on the TreeBox (ive never measured the top to see if it would fit). But praise the baby jezus, it fit perfectly, so that was one thing down...

    Here tis and for comparison my normal Lemo 2 off to the side

    Tis not a subtle tank compared to your average 22mm tank

    How does it vape?:

    I did abandon the bonkers chuff tip, i fricking hate cloud broz chuff tips with a passion, for the included driptip adaptor and my Lemo 2 drip tip (which it took me a year to stop loathing because its not exactly small bore either), normalcy restored....

    First build:

    Wire used - single coil of single 26g 316L SS
    Wick used - cellucotton rayon

    Decided to give the dual deck/single plugged for single a go as this is the way ive run the GeekVape Avo 22mm since the first day i got it, tried the dual deck.dual coil setup, and quickly abandoned it for dual deck/single plugged.

    Built as easily as the Avo, only as opposed to the Avo 22mm's 14mm outside post to outside post deck, this thing has a 19mm build deck...and it handled my very well spaced 7 wrap 26g easily - i really space my winds out, and this is the first deck ive found where i thought "finally, some real width for my preferred (weird) spacing".
    No issues trapping wires, the velocity deck allen screws width fills the post holes. Wicked with my current choice of cellucotton rayon, which i guestimated while cutting (i had a little too much length)

    Note: coil was lowered after this pic was taken during testing, In pic height off airflow was about 4mm, reduced to around 2mm
    Note 2: I vape unflavoured, so height adjustments for me have nothing to do with flavour chasing, more to do with vapour production and warmth.

    But no worries as luck would have it, there was a bit of extra room under the posts to tuck it away in...i prolly wouldnt do this with cotton though, but for a quick test build with rayon, no worries..

    At my normal temps i wasnt getting a lot of vapour, it wasnt bad by any means, just wasnt my normal vape...but with a huge chamber and using one side of a deck its not too surprising, vapor prolly getting a little cool because even with the airflow turned down to the lowest, its getting a lot of air into that big chamber...and banging around in there. Plus my normal toot duration....i estimate it was about 65-70% of the vapour of my normal vape

    Second build:

    Wire used - single coil of single 26g 316L SS
    Wick used - cellucotton rayon

    Dedicated single coil deck. This has a outside post to outside post measurement of 14mm, so we're back to the same size as an Avo 22mm's deck. But because the legs will go into the posts at at angle, i wasnt left feeling i was going backwards with my well spaced coils.

    I do have a top tip for anyone using a single wire coil on this deck. Its obviously made for Clapton and coil pr0n cloud broz, as theres quite a lot of space either side of the post screws in the post holes, and in fact one post has a hole in it, while the other pole has a slot leading to the hole in it...great for Clapton folk who wont have to twist/bend/mangle one leg (or both) to get the legs in.

    Rectangular hole side:

    Slot Side:

    As you can probably see, its not going to be straight forward whacking a single thin wire in there....

    So heres how i did it, and considering im backwards at the best of times, you will prolly go exactly the opposite

    I first put one leg through the hole side, then slid the other leg along the slot, got the coil centered, located the wire under the screw and locked it down, then went and got the other leg under the hole sides screw and locked it down. This time i wicked it with the tails just touching the deck and covering the juice extra wick

    This was hands down better for a single coil vapists like me, are my clouds as big as in my Lemo 2? No, again, look at the size of the chamber, and the airflow and factor in the low temps i vape at, plus my normal toot duration....but better than the dual deck/single plugged setup. I estimate it was about 85-90% of the vapour of my normal vape

    Wish they had of used hex screws on this deck too, but not a deck breaker, they easily torque down.

    Top tip: You will want to really flush cut the coil legs on this deck.

    Whats the build quality like?:

    Extremely well machined, this comes apart smoother than any other tank ive owned, the threads are crazy smooth, even more of course after the advised lube with VG on threads/orings after getting, opening and or washing any tank you get. Note: the tank and therefore the juice flow spins more smoothly/easily than any other tank ive owned, so close the juice flow, then hold the glass before you unscrew the topfill to refill the tank, and also be mindful if using juice flow control...if youre into that juice flow malarkey

    How does it do under TC/Whats the conductivity like?:

    Solid as - the deck also hosts the 510 as one piece. Being as the decks are interchangeable, and therefore youre using a new 510 any time you swap them.

    Yes, but will it leak:

    Im sure if you dont wick it properly like any tank it *may* leak, i think its highly unlikely. In both builds i was using very thinned out rayon and i saw no sign of potential leaking or any gurgling etc, none. I was using about 90% VG, but Ill soon be mixing up some lower VG (around 60/40 VG/PG) in the coming weeks when i get some PG for the first time in eons, and that will be the litmus test on the leak angle.

    Will you keep it?:

    If im doing this review within hours of getting it and you dont see any bold rants, then its safe to say its looking like a keeper.

    p.s. i like that no one pointed out to me i could have put the Lemo 2 on another TreeBox i have for the comparison pics...i only just thought of that myself, hours after the pics were taken
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    Sad to report that in use over the week after i got it, i found it had issues with temp control, issues which i hadnt seen before

    You could feel it fighting tc, chugging, not as bad as the rattlesnaking you get on an expensive Yihi mod.....with any tank

    Also it was scorching rayon...never seen that before

    Many builds change

    Tried screw head trapping, to rule out conductivity issues with the bonkers deck slots (put there of course for the cloud broz crowd), but this presented 2 problems:

    1) everytime you try and tighten the screws down, it of course torques the deck loose....

    2) and because the screw heads are up so high, trying to get the coil down low enough to the airflow hole, it loosens the screw heads...and back to problem 1

    A working theory, checked with others, is that the wire i prefer to use 26g isnt working well with the mass of the deck in this thing, and theres a lot of mass.

    It was suggested i try thinner wire, but well ive been using 26g for eons, and had just ordered a ton from overseas, so im not going to do that. Changing entire wire stock for one tank is just madness to me, im in this to vape, not fiddle.

    Up it goes up on the classies, another tank ruined for tc because like most things they make shit only for cloudz bro types who will run huge clapton coils in vw at a millionty watts...and i am not one of those....

    Disappointed by GeekVape on this occasion, i have and use their Avo with no issues.....

    Just make me a fricking tank that works in tc mode vendors....Eleaf made the Lemo II 3 years ago (or as i remember it, before coil porn became mainstream and ruined everything), and its still the stablest tank i own....the next would be the KF5, and the Avo very very close behind.

    We do not all want to run fricking coil porn at a millionty watts in watts mode...ffs

    Is anyone listening, is this thing on?
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    Pushing back against the vendor wall, one damn stupid post at a time...

    Not on as many ignore lists as you think....

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    Can you please put a touch of varnish and matching stain on that scuffed corner of that TB?

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