Hi All,

As this particular battery/tank device is not yet released, but because I do have one (compliments of Health Cabin, as a prize for answering some questions about it) I figure I should give a little review/heads up about it.

It's listed at Health Cabin here; Digiflavor Ubox 28W Mod Kit with Utank Atomizer 2.2ml 1700mAh

And will be available elsewhere, but as HC gave me this one, well, it's only fitting they get the link.

You can see the overall dimensions and appearance of it at the link, so I won't go into that much at all. What I will say is that the outer casing is plastic, has a good 'feel' to it and is very, very subdued. Stylish and simple I think, but I don't have a good eye for those things. Suffice to say, I like it. It's also very, very lightweight being 113g filled and charged. My Artery Nugget II with a Smart tank on top is 168g, and the Ubox is slightly wider, thicker but the same height. Seems like a bit of a toy weight wise, but has great hand 'feel' due to the very rounded corners. I like it.

The box itself has almost zero features. No adjustments of any kind, just a fire button and a micro USB charge port. 3 LEDs showing charge status and any problems there might be like a short, too hot or too low charge level. Simple and it works, seems to have good battery life with the supplied tank but charging seems to take a while.

The tank is actually pretty good, considering the only adjustment (and the only adjustment at this point with the whole setup) is airflow, which does kind of work. Wide open, restricted direct lung is fine, flavour is very good and about what you'd expect from something like this. Not making thunder clouds, but enough. Adjustment of the airflow does work, but really interesting is that taking the airflow down to the slightest sliver of an opening, this thing will actually do mouth-to-lung, and do it really well. The airflow needs to be almost zero, but hit that spot (and the adjustment isn't easy, but also doesn't move once set) and it'll MTL at a level most good MTL tanks can't come close to. It's not a 'tight' MTL draw, a rather loose one but considering it's supposed to be 28W going into a 0.5ohm coil, it shouldn't work, but it does. It won't do 'stealth' MTL though, you just can't dial it back that far but if you're out and about and need to be a little more discrete, tighten up the airflow and it'll wind back the cloud just fine. Flavour on MTL is, well, it's the same as DL, which is very good. Impressive.

The tank is, unfortunately, not without it's own problems...

Mine is a sample unit so less than stellar machining can be forgiven somewhat, but the top cap's threading is off centre by a not insignificant amount. The cap still works, the wide solid seal (not an O ring) still seals fine, but it's off centre. Those who have OCD will not tolerate this, and if I'd bought this one I'd be asking for it to be fixed, please.

The top cap threads into the top of the coil unit, so when filling you have bare glass to fill to. The bottom seal is a double O ring, and very tight so the glass won't come off easily, but the lack of distinct 'fill to' marking means overfilling is very easy to do. I seem to manage to slightly overfill it nearly every time with the resulting spilling over of liquid. The nice thing here is that this is the only time liquid ever manages to escape the tank, as it's never leaked in any way after a solid near week of use.

The coil is an Atlantis 'style' coil, sharing the main body sizes with those, but the bottom contact is much shorter so standard Atlantis type coils will not fit, and that bottom contact has a much larger diameter so you can't pull that contact out and put it into a standard coil to use something else. At this point, there's no reason to try and make something else work, use the standard coils. Apparently they're reasonably priced and as a bonus they're really very good. I've used the original coil for at least a dozen tanks of a liquid that's not hard on coils but not super clean and they've shown no signs so far of getting gunked up or dropping off in flavour. If I can get a full week's hard use out of this style of coil, it's a good one, and so far these coils seem to be very, very good. The inner coil-hole is smaller than the standard Eleaf ones I use in my Melo III tanks (Ubox 3mm ID, Eleaf 6mm ID) and I'd expect that's part of why they work as well as they do. As the box demands 0.5ohm coils to work properly (I expect), this is not a terrible thing and avoids you putting in a coil that won't work.

About the only time it starts to run out of 'go' is chain vaping while the air is wide open. Starts to get a little 'harsh' but not quite a dry hit. With MTL airflow this never happens and it'll chain-vape a tank dry. I expect the additional vacuum on the coil pulls through enough liquid to keep up. This only happens on a 'bought' liquid I have that is quick thick, my DIY stuff tends toward the thinner end of 'thick' and doesn't suffer the same problems.

So that's about it. While it's not perfect by any means, it's almost fool proof with only one actual adjustment and one that doesn't have any effect that might cause this 'system' to fail. I very much prefer being able to adjust things, but really, being completely unable to adjust anything besides the airflow and have this box and tank work very, very well has been refreshing. No fiddling, no playing, just fill it and go and let the thing work, which it does and very well.

For new users, they can't really make a mess of it so long as they make sure to fill it and let the wicking soak in before using it and don't go too hard on it to get dry hits (or use liquid thinner than 50:50 PG:VG) and it should just work. For those more used to tanks and boxes that can be tailored to their wishes, maybe this isn't a viable thing other than being a really inexpensive backup that you might hand off to someone to use to get started without crying over it. It's a tool, a simple tool that works, but maybe not something you'll get emotionally attached to.

I like it. Take a look if you need something no frills that works well for whatever reason.

I wish this was available when I started. I might only have a brace of these things instead of a bunch of other stuff, some of which works and some of which does not.

And thanks to Health Cabin for sending this one along to me. In those questions, I actually said I was not interested in one at all because it was adjustment free. I suspect it means something when you get something you never really wanted, but actually works better than you expected...