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    GeekVape Aegis 100w Mod

    Theres been a lot of vendors spruiking these on presale, and some have halved their previously already ridiculous prices on presale, and that made me nervous, because generally i love GeekVape gear.

    I was waiting for a review...

    Finally a review of one, of sorts... DJLSB has put up his review on them..well at least the one he was sent for testing, and so here it is

    For me as a temp controllist, im going to pass, the mere mention of resistance reading issues (brings back the horror of those VTC Minis i had) and tc being off (of course again VTC Minis - plus im not going to fiddle with TCR to overcome shortcomings on devices either, if theres an error, you fix it...its not my paying you for a fully working device), is an automatic no from me. Im not convinced that rubber material or the front is going to hold up after too action/much time either, even if you dont run over it in your car....

    Id much prefer actual venting over being waterproof, but thats just me personally.

    Also note there is no onboard USB charging...ironically one of the few things i can live with, as theres none of that on my beloved TreeBox...

    He does make some reference to them fixing some issues for the production models, but he doesnt specify what exactly has been fixed, as usual he's just been told that by the manufacturer...ill hold my breath.

    As we have no actual review of a production model yet thats the only reason this thing isnt in my Mods With Issues (Often On Discounted Flash Sale) post

    If i see any further info, ill update the post. If i see more reports of things being off, it goes on the Mods With Issues (Often On Discounted Flash Sale) list
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