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Thread: The Russian 3 Review

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    The Russian 3 Review

    Height 84 mm
    Width 23 mm
    Volume 5.5 ml

    This is one great vape, with the more pita's than almost any other atty out there.
    The fact that I keep going back to it, is testimony to the quality of the vape.
    But this is accompanied with many & varied curses.

    This is a airy mouth to lung, (mtl), tank.
    With a better flavour profile than a K4.

    It is easy to build, with wires 27 awg & thinner.
    But the rounded screws can spit out anything thicker.

    The wicking is exceptional, & almost bullet proof.
    But anyone with talent can frak that up to.

    Now we get to the tank section of the atty ?!?
    You get a spare glass tank with the real steel, but not the clone.
    Both need a steel tank to be included.

    The chances are you will break the glass trying to top fill it.
    The treading on this tank loves to cease, (set), up.

    This beast needs more Knurling,
    (as if it doesn't have enough already)
    Around the top of the tank & top fill cap.

    You need to keep on top of how tight the tank is screwed down.
    Too tight & you will crack the glass.
    Too loose & it will leak.
    And all this has to be done by feel & experience.

    The fact that it is a 5.5 ml tank is two sided.
    You don't have to fill it as often,
    but when you do, the chances are you need to use pliers.

    VapnFagan has the best video review of it on You Tube
    The Russian 3.0 RTA & Mechanical Mod by UCT - VapnFagan Reviews
    But he had the first incarnation of it & missed the leaking problems.
    He didn't use it long enough to find these problems.

    All in all, it can be a good airy mtl tank,
    if you know what you are doing.
    But not for a new vaper.
    Get some experience under your belt before you try it.
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