ordered a few things from ozvape a couple weeks back, and with his free sample juice promo he's running to get an idea about what others think of his juices before he sells them (great idea, it's good when folk do this), i asked for apple candy.

mixed it to 14mg 35/65 pg/vg. and put it into a kanger 3ohm as i didn't want to **** a boge if i hated it.

vaping it with the lavatube on 5.5v

been steeping for over a week now so thought it was time to be able to give it a good tryout.

nice flavour, definitely apple, however could be sweeter, not enough candy to go with the apple.

i'm not a big fan of sweet flavours, i like them, but can't vape them for extended periods. so for me, it's great.

nice thick creamy vapour. but with a vg heavy mix, you'd expect that.

all in all, a good juice. if he ends up selling it, it'd buy it.

also great communication post purchase. he's doing everything right so far.