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Thread: Vaporesso Revenger 220W Kit

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    Vaporesso Revenger 220W Kit

    Hi AussieVapers, i would like to thank Ema from Sourcemore for supplying the Revenger kit free of charge for the purpose of this review.
    The kit i received was the rainbow with the TPD compliant 2ml tank

    In the Box

    1 x Revenger MOD
    1 x NRG tank
    1 x GT8 0.15ohm(Pre-installed)
    1 x GT4 0.15ohm
    1 x Replacement Pyres Glass Tube
    1 x USB Cable
    1 x User Manual
    1 x Warranty Card
    1 x Warning Card
    Spare parts

    The NRG tank deserves a review of it's own so i will start with that then move on to the Revenger. The tank i have used is the 2ml TPD compliant version, there is also a 5ml version available. The first thing to mention is the aesthetics of the tank are great it suits the Revenger very well it is a very nice looking tank.


    23mm Diameter
    47mm High
    2ml Capacity
    Unique mesh drip tip
    Compatible with the GT Cores Vaporesso coils
    Stainless steel construction
    Weight 48g

    Assembling and Filling

    The tank comes apart simply and reassembles with equal ease.

    Before reassembling the tank i pre saturated the cotton via the wicking holes and abit of juice applied directly in the middle of the coil (there is a lot of cotton in the coil heads).
    Filling the tank is easy as the NRG as a great top-fill system, the top-cap just slides to one side on a hinge revealing a large filling hole. After filling the top slides back into place with just the right amount of resistance, the top-cap will not move unless the user means it to. The drip-tip has a spit-back guard which although some people claim it affects flavour i wonder if that's just tricks of the mind as i have never noticed spit-back guards altering the flavour at all.


    I tried both supplied coils with this tank and both were very flavoursome and gave plenty of cloud. The airflow depended on which coil head i was using but i personally found the airflow plenty and half closed it using the GT8 coil. The airflow on the tank itself is a standard cyclops with stoppers and the aggressive texturing on the airflow ring (which looks great and adds to the aesthetics of the tank) helps with grip when adjusting. Both supplied coils are 0.15 and i found the GT4 best on normal at 50W and the GT8 best on normal at 70W. There was no issues with the coil heads keeping up with the wicking.
    There are 5 coil heads available for the NRG which also include a ceramic coil which Vaporesso are renowned for.

    The tank has a heating insulation layer to help keep the tank cool and it seemed to do it's job. I also suffered no leaking from the tank.


    A very well made, aesthetically pleasing tank that gives great flavour and cloud. Multiple coil head options allowing the tank to be used from 15w - 100+w.


    Range of coil head options
    Hinged top-flow system
    Aesthetically pleasing


    2ml version obviously needs regular filling (advice get a U-can)

    Now we move on to the Revenger Mod.


    Material: aluminum alloy
    Dimensions: 89 x 45 x 28 mm
    2 x External 18650 Batteries (not included)
    Wattage Range: 5W to 220 W
    Voltage Range: 0-9 V
    Max Output Current: 50 A
    Minimum resistance: 0.05 5.0 ohm
    Mode: VT (Ni200 / SS / Ti) TCR (M1 / M2) / RCT / CCW / CCT / BYPASS
    Display: OLED 0.96 inch
    Thread: 510 thread
    Temperature Control Range: 100 C 315 C / 200 F 600 F
    Available in many colours


    The Revenger is can i say beautiful? the only other word to describe it that enters my head is sexy. It gives you a maximum dose of medication if you have shinyitus.
    The sleek look, sexy curves and mirrored finish makes this possibly the best looking device i have seen. The In-Mold-labeling used makes the finish durable and scratch resistant but keep a cloth at hand to wipe away those fingerprints. Having the 510 centered also suits the shape of the Revenger perfectly.

    Ergonomics and Menu

    The word best crops up again when i go into the ergonomics of this device it feels like it's meant to stay in the hand, the curves are perfect and even the fire button is curved inwards making the thumb feel comfortable while firing.
    I have become a big fan of the OMNI Board after using this device. I like the separate mode button rather than using the fire button, i also like choosing between modes is done by holding down the button rather than having multiple clicks. The menu system can be navigated simply and has all the features you would expect, i particularly liked using the curve on this device. On the main screen it also gives the status of the two batteries separately and it also has quick charge, which i wouldn't use but some people might find useful at times. The only time there is a bit more messing about is when you need to go into system settings which is where you set the great looking clock and alter the wattage for temperature control, but it really isn't that painful. The device supports firmware upgrades but i very much doubt any upgrade will be needed.


    The device performed excellently and i had no issues whatsoever, as mentioned i particularly liked using the curve mode. I'm no expert on temperature control but did some homework and feel confident i can tell you it is spot on. The 510 is fine so no worries there and 28mm tanks fit perfectly (with the 510 being centered and having just an even 1mm slight overhang front and back i found 30mm tanks look fine).


    I have used many devices which have included some excellent one's but the Revenger is the best device i have used to date.


    Aesthetically stunning
    Superb ergonomics
    User friendly menu system
    Centered 510
    Very reliable
    Working Temperature Control
    Best wattage Curve i have used
    Large screen


    Nothing a handkerchief won't solve it's a fingerprint magnet.

    I would like to thank Ema from Sourcemore once again for supplying the kit.
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    I'll add a Con...

    Like many manufacturers these days they don't list wire material types for their coils we've already seen confused newbies posting asking about wire materials for the coils.

    Not good enough

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    I picked 1 up the other day (mod only).

    I like the centred 510 and the battery door is unique and snaps in place nicely.

    But there's a cheap feel to it.
    The buttons feel cheap and rattle when pressed.
    The display looks ugly. IMO.
    Don't use temp control so can't comment on that.
    It'll end up as my back up for my back up. Or a good fishing mod

    Good thorough review though.

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    emu's thoughts

    Quote Originally Posted by Timwis View Post
    The only time there is a bit more messing about is when you need to go into system settings which is where you set the great looking clock and alter the wattage for temperature control, but it really isn't that painful. The device supports firmware upgrades but i very much doubt any upgrade will be needed.
    First thing I did was upgrade the firmware as it was definitely not firm at all, the latest version (1.05) has addressed most issues except for one very annoying con which is the clock doesn't keep time when you change batteries.

    This is the official Upgrade notes from Vaporesso regarding the fixes.....

    Upgrade Notes:

    In V1.05 below issues has been fixed

    1. Clock is not working properly occasionally

    2. Default brightness is too low occasionally

    3. Puff counter can't be saved occasionally

    The latest version is Ver1.05

    History version(Ver1.04):

    1. Default clock setting: Clock is on, in Pointer mode

    2. Shortcut for the clock: Hold fire and "+" simultaneously for 1.5s

    3. Puff timer keeps its reading when release the fire button, it will be cleared and recalculated at next firing.

    4. Add display lightness control in system set. When standby 2 minutes or longer, lightness will be automatically adjusted to the lowest level. To restore it, click any button.

    5. Add puff counter, can be cleared in System setting.

    6. Some of the wrong spelling in menu has been corrected

    I am enjoying the new shortcut to the main menu via holding the fire button and " - " button together, sure beats having to scroll through all the options to get to the system settings.
    The other great shortcut included in version 1.05 is the clock shortcut as above, just wish the mod would keep the correct time when you swap batteries, very annoying considering the clock is one of the main selling features.
    They've added a brightness control as well which is a great idea, the Omni 2.0 chip is really suited to vaping and once you master it there's no looking back.

    The chip is very customisable by plugging into your Windows PC you can do all sorts of things and the program interface is impressive but I won't go into it here.
    Smart mode is a great idea so if you have it turned "ON" the mod automatically selects the best wattage when you screw a new tank on and select the " New Load ", very clever Vaporesso...!!

    I'm using the Revenger for my Melo 300 atty with the sextuple coil at 100 watts, it hits hard and fast especially in the " Hard " mode and ramps up fast, you can customise the curve out to 5 seconds which is cool and it works really well.
    I used the supplied 2 ml tank but it required refilling to often for me, great little flavor tank though and if you want to use the Vaporesso tank either 2 ml or 5 ml you can use the Eleaf HW series coils or the baby beast coils which gives you plenty of coil options including the Eleaf HW1 Stainless Steel wire for those of us who love SS.

    Shame about the rattly fire button although that's the only other con besides the clock losing time when changing batts, the Day and Date is handy first thing in the morning.

    Just a couple of pics as I reckon it's worthy of a few screenshots, the first one is charging through the usb showing the screen with remaining charge time. The other pics are of the interface when connected to a Windows PC, quite impressive for a standard factory edition software package I reckon.....

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    Is the Emu logo a naked Emu? It's pixelated. Or do I have to take the parental control settings off my pc?
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    Thanks Emu
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1ynne View Post
    As the review of the item the write up conforms to the second post in the thread Sponsored reviews or goods in lieu of. .

    It IS important that members reading this review DO realise that the item reviewed WAS supplied free of charge to the reviewer for the purpose of the review , but as long as that review is not directing the reader to the supplier via links then its ok to post ... that way its entirely up to the reader to decide where they want to shop. Often the supplier of "free" items is NOT the best price nor gives the best service, members if interested in a reviewed mod should do their homework and shop where it suits them as opposed to just clicking a link and being told where to shop

    AVF is non-commercial in nature and recommends that members shop around to find the best deal for themselves and not necessarily use a review linking a product to drive up sales for the company providing the gear ( which is the real reason suppliers "give" mods to be reviewed )

    This is why we do not allow linking in a "supply for review" scenario

    That way we hope the reviewer will indeed state their true findings on an item rather than blatantly advertise for a supplier in order to keep the freebies coming

    It aint perfect but its the best compromise we could come up with ... we don't want members to not be offered free stuff, but we also don't want the companies using this process as self promotion to get a free ride and advertise by proxy ...
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