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    Alright guys,

    After a long time of using freedom smokes juices I thought a review was in order.


    This is not your average dekang RY4, its tastes like a caramel tobacco which is not quite sweet but has great vapor production and throat hit is moderate


    My daily vape, its quite similar to the RY4 but has a sweeter taste with a better throat hit, overall vapor production is A+


    I am not really a fan of this juice, I bought it after I became a daily vapor of dekangs strawberry, this juice doesn't really have much kick in the flavour department but is quite a mild vape if flavour is not your thing, throat hit is also quite mild.


    This juice was definitely something different, With a sweet taste that very much shows Pinacolada flavour. A lot of people have commented on how nice the taste and vapor production is.

    Watermelon Kiwi-

    The flavour reminds me of watermelon lollies, its quite a sweet and sour mix which gives your taste buds a real kick, vapor production and throat hit are really great.

    Overall I have found that Freedomsmoke is by far the best juice I have ever had, their quality is second to none and the customer service is excellent. I cannot recommend these guys enough.

    I have tried over 15 of their juices so feel free if you have any questions on other juices from freedomsmoke

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    Thanks to your review Cigness I made my firs torder last night. I ordered all tobacco flavor, Ry4 and Ry5 among them. I'm looking forward to it. Do you recall how long shipping was with these guys?



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    took about 2 weeks for me. Wyatt Earp tobacco 12mg has been a good all day vape for me.

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    Thanks for this, I've been thinking about trying these for a while. Ordered a few 5 and 10 ml bottles mostly 24mg. Fairly steep price for shipping if it takes 2 weeks.

    I see quite a lot of the speciality juices are 50/50 pg-vg with no option to change that, have you had any wicking problems with those?

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    These are the juices I buy if I can't be bothered to mix my own.

    RY5 is wonderful. Caramelly/slight tobacco taste and full of flavour

    hopscotch is awesome. Sort of like butterscotch.
    I got some Wyatt earp this time and am really enjoying it.
    I got some purecig as well. I think this will be great with a beer
    Kickin' Apple is another "tobacco" type flavour. It's there but very mild.
    all my juices are 24mg nic.

    I ordered this lot on the 22nd of feb and it arrived on the 28th of Feb. That's the quickest I've ever received an order from FSUSA.

    Disclaimer: I do link to FSUSA from my website. If I'm not Vaping Del's excellent juice I'm vaping FSUSA's.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dingaling View Post
    took about 2 weeks for me. Wyatt Earp tobacco 12mg has been a good all day vape for me.
    Its has taken me some time to come around to the Wyatt Earp, and it has slowly moved its way into my top 2 flavours that I vape 80% of the time.

    When I want something that packs a punch this is the one I reach for. Its great if you want something that is full of flavour, rich earthy,hintt of licorice, not too sweet and not too much of that strong cuban cigar flavour that i also hate. Many FSUSA tobacco's I find have too much of a perfume type after taste as well (Desert Camel, Purecig), this while i an detect a slight perfume taste, because I am looking for it in FSUSA tobacco's, it isnt over powering and blends in nicely. I found this needed to steep for a month to really mature into a great vape.

    We are all different but I have tried about 20 tobacco flavours and this one for me is well worth a shot.

    Heres a video by shanb (well known mod/tank maker) who's review I think is the most accurate (from my perspective anyway).
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    Thanks for the thread! I have been contemplating buying from My freedom Smokes and was going to start a thread asking for anyones experiences, and the i found this

    I have noticed they sell really large quantities of mixed juices (up to 500ml i think) which from what i am finding is fairly rare.

    I have been advised against going too big to start with (only been vaping for about three weeks) because your preference in flavours can change, but if after six months i have a juice that i really appreciate it is nice to be able to buy larger amounts.

    Anyway, hope to be able to add more to the discussion if i go ahead and order some juice!

    This might be a big ask, but has anyone tried the USA Red mix from MyFreedonSmokes, and know whether it is the same basic flavour as Dekang USA Red mix?


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    MyFreedomSmokes and FreedomSmokeUSA are different companies.

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    Correct. And freedomsmokeusa is amazing. The other one not so much.



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