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Thread: Think Vape Finder 167

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    Think Vape Finder 167

    Disclosure : I won this mod in the Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary Giveaway. A big thanks to them for running the event here!

    It's big and it's shiny, and it's got a DNA 250. It's a Think Vape Finder 167!

    I'm sure everyone has noticed that Think Vape - like many other manufacturers - have been at least somewhat inspired by Lost Vape's design language. While it's tempting to make direct comparisons between the Finder 167 and the Therion 166 - I think it's important to keep in mind that the Finder 167 retails at a lower price point (about 20% lower than the Therion 166 at some vendors), and judge the mod based on it's own merits.

    ...Also I don't own a Therion166 - so I couldn't fairly compare the two anyway .

    OK! So with that in mind - let's get on with it!

    The Device
    The first thing that struck me when I opened the box... was a bright flash of sunlight reflecting off the mod. Straight out of the gate I'm going to say that this thing is Shiny. The finish on the metal is the "black chrome" plating that was popular aeons ago, and they've laid it on thiiiiiick!

    As you can probably guess - this mod collects more fingerprints than a government database in a futuristic dystopian police state. You'll never want for to something to keep your hands busy with this mod around!

    The top and the bottom of the mod are accented with what appears to be tempered glass with a black backing (I assume it's a backing under clear glass, as the bottom of the mod has visible writing). An interesting design choice - it contrasts the black chrome nicely, and should be more difficult to get atty swirl on than the black chrome plating.

    The fitment of the glass plates is interesting - the top one rides slightly higher than the frame, while the bottom one is recessed. While odd, it does make sense - the mod sits on the frame when placed on a table, and juice / grot / condensation / ectoplasm is far less likely to pool on top of the mod between the glass and the frame.

    The 510 connector appears to be steel. The engraving is nicely done, it feels solid and makes a solid enough connection for good temp control. While I've not had any issues with the triangular 510 positive pin on any of my atomizers, there is the potential for some atomizers with both a long 510 and flush positive pin to have connection issues. The platform around the 510 is very slightly raised from the mod, and is 18mm in diameter.

    Diameter wise, the Finder 167 has no overhang issues with 24mm atomizers. A 24mm atomizer (tested with the Goon 1.5 24mm) reaches the very edge of the tempered glass top plate. Given the glass top plate is slightly higher than the frame, I think you could attach a 25mm atomizer with no to minimal overhang - however I have no atomizers larger than 24mm to test.

    The battery door could be improved. While very rigid, the finish on the inside is lacking and there are gaps around the bottom of the frame when fitted. In spite of this, it still feels reasonably secure and doesn't rattle or move around when using the device.

    Think Vape have used both magnets and a small clip to secure the battery door. I think the clip is more for "feel" when taking the door on and off, as it doesn't seem to be providing much resistance. Overall the whole ensemble works, but it's nothing special.

    The leather sticker on the battery door is done well. The adhesive seems strong and well applied, and the fitment to the door doesn't have any gaps. Only time will tell how the material ages, but when new it does have a good texture and feels good in the hand. It appears to be actual leather, but an embossed manufactured "bonded" leather (think $250 "genuine leather" couch type of leather), though that is to be expected.

    Replacement battery doors for the Finder 167 are available in a variety of colours and materials - however Think Vape only sell directly to vendors, and there are only a few vendors carrying their products (and even fewer carrying the replacement battery doors).

    The battery ribbon is quite short, and good for removing only the battery closest to the board. This isn't really an issue though, as there is more than adequate access to the other battery. The negative contacts are spring loaded - however the negative contact furthest from the board has very little travel (so little it might as well not be sprung at all). There is no physical "reverse polarity" guard around the contacts - so you have to pay attention to the polarity markings when inserting batteries. While this could count as a negative - it also means the mod doesn't eat your battery wraps.

    One design oversight to note - the batteries can only be inserted from one side of the mod due to the battery door clip getting in the way, but the side without the clip has no visible battery polarity markings. I think they should have clearly printed battery polarity markings on both sides of the mod.

    (Yes, I have a battery not-quite in. Didn't notice until after I'd put the camera away, deal with it ).

    The buttons on the Finder 167 are comfortable to use, have no rattle, and haven't stuck in use. The edges are angled off nicely, and not sharp. The abalone inlay in the fire button is smooth and very neatly done.

    The Finder 167 is comfortable in the hand, though quite weighty. At 172g without batteries (and 266g with two VTC6s) it clocks in as my heaviest mod - outweighing previous title holders like the Hexohm (160g empty / 251g 2x VTC6), and the eFusion (231.6g with factory 3S LiPo pack).

    The Board
    As mentioned, the Finder 167 is packing a Evolv DNA 250, limited to 166 watts due to the dual 18650 configuration. I personally like this configuration, as I spend most of my time under 100W and am not a fan of triple 18650 devices (for both their heft, and the requirement to run triple battery sets).

    The mod arrived flashed to the latest firmware, and already set up in Escribe to use dual 18650s. While this is good, the low battery cutoff was set at 2.5v, which is lower than I am personally comfortable with (I prefer my 18650 "hard cutoff" at 3v).

    Internal Mod Resistance was - very oddly - set at a flat 0 ohm. This obviously isn't right and would have made for some subpar temp control out of the box, had I not noticed and changed it first.

    Naturally, I checked Think Vape's website to see if they had the proper configuration information for the Finder 167 available. They didn't, and in fact, the Finder 167 is not actually listed on the Think Vape website at this time.

    Using my "rough estimate" method (super low Ni200 build on a known-accurate DNA device, measure resistance to 3 decimal places in Escribe, switch atty to new device and compare difference in resistance reading, repeat with several mods, take an average). I estimate the Think Vape Finder 167 to have an internal resistance of roughly 0.013 ohm.

    With my "rough estimate" 0.013 ohm internal resistance setting, I have found the temp control performance to be absolutely stellar. In saying that however, the DNA 250 is nothing revolutionary over the older DNA 200 - but is it rather an evolution. It's a DNA 200, but with updated hardware that makes it a tiny bit smoother and faster reacting.

    I don't think Think Vape actually thought about people using TC on this device - at least, not out of the box. Apart from the internal resistance not being even roughly set, the preloaded profiles were ALL set up for non-TC wattage usage, just with varying levels of initial wattage, preheat, and amusing names (like "Maxx", "Crazy", and "Insane").

    Tl;Dr Verdict
    Overall, the Think Vape Finder 167 feels comfortable in the hand, and is pleasant to use. It's slipped itself into the "loud and blingy" side of my general mod rotation seamlessly. I am quite enjoying using this mod, and I'll still be using it after I've written a bunch of words about it . Once the DNA 250 is properly set up and configured, it vapes very, very well.

    I particularly like having a DNA 250 device around that runs off dual 18650s. It's a great configuration in general for those of us that don't need the full 250 watts, but still want all the other features of the DNA 250 board. It allows for a smaller and more pocketable device (over triple 18650s), the ability to swap in a pair of fresh batteries on the run, and no hassles with trying to source a LiPo that fits later on.

    There are a few negatives around the battery door fitment and black chrome finish (not in the application of the chrome itself, but more that it picks up fingerprints easily, is harder to match atomizers with, and cheapens the feel of the mod a bit), but honestly - for the price some vendors are selling this mod for now? As an entry level dual 18650 DNA 250 device - It's a lot of bang for buck.
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    Really nice review there Fraccie !
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    I'm getting shorter - this one was just one post and it didn't hit the character limit .
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    These things.

    I have some things.
    I vape them.



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