I already included this review in my review of the company/business I purchased the item from but I figured it would be good to also post the review about the product here.

The Smok Alien 220w mod is amazing and has suited my vaping needs perfectly. If you are getting into vaping I highly recommend starting off with a regulated mod just like this one. The Baby Beast attachment is quite poor quality as I expected before I bought the starter kit. If you are beginning to get into vaping properly I would avoid buying a starter kit unless it comes with a really nice RDA and just getting a regulated mod like this one and purchasing a decent RDA + replaceable kanthal coils + cotton wicks. I am now but was not ready for an unregulated mod at the time and if this mod was unregulated there is a decent chance I would have been injured due to the defective coils, and a high chance the mod would have been damaged by them. It's also good to consider getting a regulated mod with temperature control for when you are ready to use coils made of SS, Nichrome and other materials. Keep in mind that coils made from these materials require a good understanding of TCR values and the temperatures you should be setting on your mod.