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    Clearomizer CE2 2.4-2.6 Ohm Review

    Clearomizer CE2 2.4-2.6 Ohm Review, comparison to Mega Cartomizer and cleaning info

    Thought I'd put together a review and my cleaning method since I've been using these for a few weeks now.

    My Opinion
    I love them...........simple as that.

    My Story
    I started my ecig journey just over 4 months ago. I was a pack a day full-strength smoker for the previous 16 years or so.*
    I started off with a 510 with Cartridges and quickly move to a standard Riva with Mega Cartomizers. I then won some eGo 900Mah batteries in the forum competition and used them with the Mega Cartomizers. Later I bought some Clearomizers to try out.

    So this is my current rig:
    eGo 900Mah battery
    Clearomizer CE2 2.4-2.6 Ohm

    I've tried dripping and LR atomizers but my preference is Cartomizers and I use them exclusively. I have yet to try variable voltage batteries.

    Comparison to Mega Cartomizers
    So coming from MC(Mega Cartomizer) to a Clearo(Clearomizers) there are a few major differences:
    1. The main difference is that the MC cannot be cleaned while the clearo can. *
    2. The Clearo is, self explanatorily, clear while the MC isn't.
    3. The Clearo is skinny and looks a tad silly on an eGo batt without the cone.
    4. The wicking methods are totally different, MC is embedded with the cartridge filling and uses that for wicking while the Clearo uses a wick through it into the separated liquid cartridge.
    5. Probably the most notable difference, insofar as their operation, is the position of the atomizer.*

    In the MC the atomizer is at the base and is mounted inside the filling stuffed liquid chamber. The air flows through the atomizer then into secondary chambers on either side of the liquid cartridge from the base up to the top and through 2 baffles(for lack of a better word, one being the cartridge plug and the other being the cartomizer lid).*
    This has 4 main effects:
    1. The atomizer is mounted on a plastic base and in direct contact with the cartridge filling so if it runs dry flavor will taste like burning filling(and/or plastic base) and pretty much destroy the MC flavor for good.*
    2. The vapor has further to travel so when it reaches your mouth it has cooled. This could be a good or bad thing depending on your preference.
    3. It has bends and obstacles in it's path so any particles and leaking liquid are less likely to reach your mouth.
    4. The atomizer generally stays wicked until the liquid runs out.

    The Clearo on the other hand has the atomizer mounted near the top of the unit and has a direct line of sight to the opening at the top. So there are differences in those points I made about MC's.
    1. It is mounted in a ceramic mount and is wick'd from the cartridge with a material that does not burn instead of being in contact with a filling that seems to burn in dry burn conditions. When it's wicking well you can draw for long periods without flavor changing. When not wicking well the flavor will change but it's more a burnt flavoring than a burnt plastic taste, but if this happens it does not destroy the clearo and the next draw will taste normal if wicked.
    2. The vapor has a short distance to travel so when it reaches your mouth it is warm. This could be a good or bad thing depending on your preference.*
    3. Because of the last point*Sometimes you'll get some particles(I'm assuming it's charred liquid flaking off the atomizer) entering your mouth, and sometimes you'll get what feels *like a jet stream of hot vapor. These 2 side effects I find distasteful and they are a bit of a bugbear for me.
    4. The atomizer generally stays wicked until the liquid runs out. But, and it's a big but, there are a few issues that reduce the wicking ability and when they are present you'll be restricted to shorter draws as the atomizer runs dry.

    Wicking Issues
    Like I've mentioned, if they're wicking well they are awesome so here's some things I've found that can reduce wicking.

    1. The second/middle seal at the mouth can block the cartridge refill, or as they relate to wicking breath, holes. I'm guessing this was by design as these refilling holes can also leak liquid. But if these are blocked the only way for air to enter the chamber is through the wick, and that's not what you want for good wicking of the liquid. I tried removing this middle seal but that allowed a fair amount of liquid to leak into the resulting chamber and a then into your mouth. This is not a fast leak, if you hold it upside down it doesn't leak, it's more a weeping and can take hours to build up. Probably less of an issue if you store the ecig upright.
    In the end I found you can get a compromise by taking both end seals out and putting the middle one in and using the end seal to push it in. This will usually give you a slight gap between the refill holes and the middle seal. It's enough to stem leaking and enough to allow air to enter from the refill holes and not the wick. If you can't get a gap this way try pushing the bottom seal in slightly and redo.

    2. Some cleaning methods involve removing the bottom seal(the one around the ceramic atomizer mount). Either due to this or poorly seated at the factory it may not be seated correctly. If this is the case it can restrict the wicking. Make sure it is seated correctly.

    3. Thick liquids seem to reduce wicking. I've found that a thick, usually VG based mix will slow the wicking enough to reduce draws as the atomizer runs dry. I haven't extensively tested this but I generally keep VG below 33% in my mixes. I've ran 100% VG and it reduced wicking. I've noticed some VG is thinner than others so the percentage is probably not so important as I believe it's the thickness or viscosity that affects the wicking. Basically keep your liquids relatively thin, or at least not overly thick.

    Liquid in the Mouth
    The Clearomizer doesn't really seem to leak(other than I mentioned earlier), though there seems to be vapor condensing inside the mouthpiece and building up after 10-20 or so vapes and causing enough liquid to form inside so drains out when you draw.
    Using the supplied black mouthpiece you need to take it off to blow it out and dry inside it with a tissue.......then it's good to go for a while.*
    With the original white plug seal simply use a tissue(or your pants/shirt) and gently tap the mouth end onto it.
    I've found using the original white plug is easier dealing with this issue even though I prefer using the black mouthpiece.

    Melting Case
    You've probably heard about some super concentrates melting the clear casing. Personally I've never had an issue so can't really comment on this, suffice to say this isn't an issue you're likely to encounter under normal usage.*

    I've heard of Clearo's cracking and breaking. Again I haven't had any issues with this either, but sure they aren't going to be as strong as metal or tough plastic cased carto's. I generally use the eGo's cone so it's reasonably protected from bending, impact and squeezing damage. The base of the clearo is simply pressed over an o-ring seal and onto a ribbed metal base so enough side pressure will pop it off the end and likely crack the bottom of the clear plastic, hence using the cone will reduce this.

    Here's where the Clearo shines, being clear makes refilling and knowing when to refill simple.*Included in a 5-pack is a thin flexible needle for use with most syringes.*
    It's pretty simple:*
    1. Take out the mouthpiece and middle seal
    2. Fill syringe with about 1.8ml of juice
    3. Through either refill hole, fill the clearo
    4. Either insert the black mouthpiece or replace middle seal and white mouthpiece.

    This is the biggest advantage over the Mega Carto's for prolonged usage. There is a YouTube video that has a "power wash" and "dry burn" methodology to cleaning the Clearo's. It works great, but I had an issue early on that made me look at a modified approach.
    The "power wash" calls for removing the ceramic covering seal(innermost seal). This can be quite difficult, damage to the seal is quite easy and replacing can be frustrating so I tried to get around taking this out. The workaround is quite simple really, simply use the refill method and flush with hot water a few times, drain, then carry on to the dry burn.

    This worked great and I was able clean Clearo's quite easily. After a few cleans I found some build up wasn't burning off. The atomizer looks clean, ie white in-between silver wire, but on closer inspection you can see that the white seems to be an ash or crust coated over the wick.*
    So I went looking in the kitchen for a food grade acid that was water-soluble, that's when I found the white vinegar sitting there looking all innocent. It has both properties so I put some in a small cup and soaked the (cleaned and dry burnt) Clearo for about 10 minutes or so. Swished it around a couple of times, sucked up some vinegar in the syringe and used it as a high pressure was to spray the atomizer directly a couple times(not sure if this helps but it's a habit now)*and then redid the power flush and dry burn.*
    After that the ash or crust was gone from the wick in the atomizer and it looked like brand new. Refilling and the first drag had full flavor and no hint of vinegar or any other bad side effects. In fact they seem to work better than an out of the packet new Clearo, so much so that I dread the day I damage one and have to open a new one up. There just seems to be better flavor, better wicking and better vapor production........but then again it may be psychological.

    Anyway here's a rundown of my cleaning method:

    1. Remove middle seal and mouthpiece.
    2. Fill a cup of hot water.
    3. Fill the refill syringe with water and flush through one of the Clearo refill hole.
    4. Repeat the flush until clean, usually 3x total does it.
    5. After the last flush draw the syringe and suck remaining water out.
    6. Give it a few flicks and dry the Clearo in readiness for the burn

    1. Mount the Clearo on your battery
    2. Activate the battery to vaporize the water in the wick.
    3. Repeat the vaporizing until the atomizer glows a few times. You'll see much of the gunk burn off. Because the ceramic seal is still in place you should blow on it so the seal does not heat up too much, you can also wait a little between burns to let it cool. If you don't do this the heat will transfer through to the clear casing and it will deform under the heat.

    1. In a shot glass or similar pour in undiluted White Vinegar till about 10mm deep.
    2. Swish the atomizer end in the vinegar and balance it on it's end.
    4. Leave to soak for 10-30min (could do it longer I guess).
    5. Give it another swish then remove.

    Repeat*Clean and Burn processes

    Refill with juice and replace middle seal and mouthpiece.

    That's it, hope you all enjoyed my little spiel

    Daily Setup: Modded 3400mah FDV iStick, Orchid v4 RTA
    Daily Juice: Vaporeyes - Lazer Lombardi
    In the mail: Vapor Flask DNA40

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    Re: Clearomizer CE2 2.4-2.6 Ohm Review

    Great.. thanks for the in-depth review.

    I've yet to try these.. but another thing these seem to be good for is modding.. I mean because they are clear, you can see what you are doing with whatever mod you are attempting to do. Whether it is using tweezers or paperclip or whatever.. you can see what you are doing. I've also seen people pull the battery end off these to gain access that way for other mods.. so, certainly something worth grabbing a pack of I think..
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    Thanks for the great review.
    As a result of this and other reviews I've just started on my first pack of clearomizers - the latest revision of the 510 CE2 XL with the black plug seals and thicker wicks from I must admit my first impression was not great. The first drag was OK, but every consecutive one had a horrible burnt taste. If I tipped the pv and waited a minute or so between drags I could taste a bit of the flavour of the e-liquid, but the burnt taste lingered and overpowered the flavour of the juice. I figured it wasn't wicking properly and so tried modding it using some techniques I'd seen on youtube, but nothing seemed to work - it still tasted terrible. Because of the great reviews I'd read I wasn't ready to give up, and tore open another clearo from the box, and WOW!!! what a difference!
    I'd previously alternated between dripping for flavour and using carts with black foam for convenience. These clearomizers (well, the second one at least) blitzed both of them! Probably because the atty is so much closer to your mouth the vapour is warmer and actually seems to carry more flavour than dripping into a de-bridged 510 atty, along better throat hit than anything else I've tried. Apart from being a little more difficult to fill than carts I have needed to do it much less often with the XL clearo's, and you can easily see how much juice is left.

    I need to do some more experimenting with different juices because admittedly I used a different flavour in the second one, but as the pg/vg mix and viscosity are the same in both, I still believe the first one was a dud. Hopefully the other three in the box will be as good as the second, and if so I'll be buying many more. I also ordered a 1000mAh eGo battery today (been using a bunch of 510's) so I'm keen to give the clearo's a go with that over the next couple of days. Should hopefully be a satisfying, hassle-free all-day vaping solution.

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    I think the xl's are the way to go. The 1.8 ml capacity versus the .6 capacity makes all the difference. Or 5 ml in a map tank better again, although they do look a bit over thebtop out. I was expecting wicking problems and needing to fiddle with Them to get them to work but the 3 I have used so far have Worked great straight out of the box.

    I also find that at 3.7v it helps to use a 50% vg mix for just that bit more vapor on these.

    With the xl clearo's my glv2 supermini will get to go out more now, as it is actually a much smaller setup than my reo mini. The reo is still the winner though with a 306lr atty and 3ml juice capacity.

    Interesting my gf now prefers the tank b 2ml LR's, to my 2favs above. I just find the tanks mute the flavor too much and are too big to compete with my 2favs.
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    A month ago I only dripped, either manual or via bottom feeder, today it feels like all the options are starting to catch up in quality. Type b tanks, boge lr cargos, 1.8 ml clears and map tank. It's good to have some variation. I see that gotvapes has just released some bottom fed clearos that are easier to fill, and don't have the dangling wicks, and good prophets Are getting close with a simple feed map tank system. The avs3 and fog are out, will I never be able to stop spending.
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    Thank you Macca for your review
    I will have to sit and figure out what bits and pieces you are referring to but I wil sort it
    This review is also a keeper for me.

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    good review macca, I'm not very experienced with clearos and even less with the equivalent cartos so good to get more insights.

    My experiences so far where I picked up some of the first CE2's (metal .. small) and simply too finicky for what you get out of it. dripping is easier.
    I then grabbed some of the large XL clearo's and was fairly happy with them, issues I had...

    a) need to be caregul with attachment, a hasty screw and it twists the upper section breaking the wires .. repairable with a resolder though.
    b) cracking at the base, I have even noticed it on brand new ones, may just be my base, but a series of hairline cracks where it fits over the seal.
    c) at least on mine, the easiest way to clean the reservoir is to pull the tank away from the base by a few mm and flushing under a tap.
    d) I also used mine with the cone, provided a good deal of stabilty .. but on a ProVari .. this is not an option. I wore the contents of at least 3 on my lap and there is no way I could throw my provari in the car ashtray like I do normally.

    Its also worth noting, these things come into their own on a Provari or something that will cope, 3.2v is very inadequate once you have hit these at 4.5v (200% power) or even more. With no fill to burn these things seem to have had HV use in mind.

    On consideration I decided that the only advantage the clearo had over the XL CE2 R5 carto .. was the clearoness. So I bought myself 5 of the CE2 R5's and received them last week. These have the bigger wick, not sure if its in the clearos yet.

    They are also built like a (military) tank compared to a clearo, tough and with the stainless steel case not going to fall apart on the provari.
    I think cause the case is metal, I am not having the moisture condensation issues. not that I have noticed anyway.

    First thing I did after removing it from the packet .. weighted it on the set of $20 druggie scales I bought for eGo type B cartos.
    6.42g empty then I filled to 7.5g, 1ml or so. This I vaped for an arvo till I got a burning taste, weighed in at 6.49g. this is good and better than I expected.
    So filled to 8.25g. vaping happily ever since. will keep ya informed.
    In order of useful: Provari V2 and V1, vamo, eGo twist, Katana v3, Hex, Orion v2, LavaTube, eGo x 6, VMAX, 510N, Tick V2, Tick V1, noEgo 18650, noEgo 14650 , Indulgence x 2, 905 6v mod, KR808D

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    The first one I had was freaking awesome.

    Everyone I have opened since has been completed turd. Its really shitting me because I want them to be as awesome as the first one I had.

    Arrgh whats going on.

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    Been lucky so far all 3 i have used have been great out of the box, and still going strong after i guess 4 refills each. Hoping i wouldn't have to start fiddling with the wicking etc on these to get the duds going, as i am too lazy to do too much fiddling, and it is what put most people off clearos last time around.

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    So you guys finally found my review eh

    So, I've been using them for a while now and overall am quite happy. I have noticed, as some of you have, there is some inconsistency with them......I'd put much of this down to mass production tolerances, maybe they should tighten them up.

    I've also been giving them a burn before use(rinse with hot water, empty, burn until dry and glowing), seems to ensure no funny taste on the first(and sometimes second) fill.

    Also started rotating clearos, ie use one while the other soaks in white vinegar overnight for it's cleaning process. Then leave it empty to dry completely. Then when the one I'm using needs cleaning I swap them over. I've found you can give them a clean around 3-5 times and run them for about 3-5 days between cleans.

    I've been considering using them as disposable and forego cleaning process and they're cheap enough to not bother cleaning, but when you get one that vapes like a mother you want to keep it puffing away

    I've got some R5 clearos on their way and judging from the R5 feedback I'm looking forward to giving them a hit. Have often considered grabbing a Provari and Map Tank just for kicks, but having been happy with the clearos and eGo 900mah batts I just can't be bothered with the hassle(even considering canceling my longstanding Giantomizer order)'re all welcome to talk me into it or something similar



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