Ok so for those that don't noe me, I'm Noe. Not Noe-it-all or Noe-bugger-all or Noe-you-can't, just plain & simple Noe.

I decided to share my experience with the Riva 1100mah & the eGo 650mah, using a variety of vaping methods, unless mentioned all methods reviewed were with the 1100mah Riva using a 510 fitting.
These will be as listed & expanded upon when I, have experienced new devices to use with these PVs. I will edit this post for each new atty/carto etc. tried, as well as make a new post with the updated info.

The list so far:
  • 1. Pre-vaping & history
    2. Standard 2.2ohm atty & cartridges supplied with starter kit
    3. Standard 2.2ohm atty & direct dripping Riva 1100mah & eGo 650mah
    4. LR atty & direct dripping
    5. Boge Standard cartomizer
    6. Boge LR cartomizer
    7. Ce2 XL Clearomizer 2.6-2.8ohm
    8. Teaspoon & lighter
    9. Dermal dripping

1. Pre-vaping:

As a virgin newb to vaping I was excited to get my first PV, the 1100mah Riva. I had done months of searching the internet for information as to safety/reliability/longevity & enjoyability of using e-cigs.

Safety was a primary concern, because if it wasn't safe then why bother switching from being a smoker to becoming a vaper?
Happily I read the side effects of vaping, appear to be less damaging than smoking analogs. While this has not been tested to any great degree, the simple fact that less carcinogenic compounds are formed when vaping than when smoking analogs, had me continuing my on my path. Also finding that PVs were unlikely to blow up or cause serious burns/electrocution when used correctly was comforting.

Reliability was the next concern. I didn't want to buy an electronic device that was likely to fail & leave me analog & e-cigless , wishing I had enough cash in my pocket to buy a pack of analogs on a bad week.

What good was a PV going to be to me if the battery died while I was out & had no way to recharge it?
Thus longevity was the next concern. If I had to be recharging or buying alkaline batteries after an hour or two of use each day, then this was going to be a problem.
Also life expectancy (times a batt can be charged b4 dying completely) was an issue here.

So we come to the enjoyability factor.
If I'm wasn't going to like it, then why would I spend a lot of cash on it before having tried it?

So I researched online forums, online news articles, newspapers, anything I could about e-cigs (which I had decided was a great novelty if nothing else). After finding the safety issues were acceptable, I looked at different models of e-cigs available online & focused on reliability & longevity.
I decided that I wanted a PV that would last me all day without recharging & that wasn't likely to let me down miles from anywhere when I needed it.
After dismissing mini e-cigs standard 510's , 808's 901's & the like I discovered the eGo. From there a search in google showed me a number of links of genuine eGo's, Riva's & similar models for sale. I researched forums further, looking for reviews of the various Rivas/eGos & clones.

After extensively researching I decided that I wanted a Riva with 1100mah battery. I liked the look of them, the button has a nice tactile feel, they appear to have a very low failure rate & the battery is of large enough capacity to last all or most of the day.
Similarly the eGo has good reliability, the button is however less pleasing & at that time the biggest battery the eGo had was 900mah. Also the 1100mah Riva was cheaper than the 900mah eGo.
So I took the plunge & ordered my first PV, the Riva 1100mah.

2. Standard 2.2ohm atty & cartridges supplied with starter kit :

Immediately upon getting the package at the door, I was tearing it open like a 5yr old child tears open xmas presents.
I couldn't wait to try out this great new device & read the instructions before charging the batteries as instructed. Once done, placing an atty & cart onto the batt was easy & I took my first vape of 0mh nic juice prefilled cart. The flavor wasn't so great but I was happy with the way it felt in my mouth & lungs. So I continued using it until it happened...
The cart ran dry & I got my first taste of burnt plastic smoke, a very unpleasant experience. I took out the cart & looked at it, it still looked like it was moist inside but the two flat sides were burnt & melted.

Not to be deterred, I added more 0mg nic juice to the cart & it was still tasting like burnt plastic, just without the smoke. I decided to try another cart & be more careful. After doing more research online & asking some experienced users in irc what could be the problem.
After identifying the cause, I tried the second cart & to avoid letting the cart get too dry, I took it out after every 2-3puffs to check the wetness of it, I had even refilled it a few times. All was going well & then after checking & seeing it had a wet enough looking sheen on the top of the wick material, I put it back in & puffed twice , getting the terrible plastic taste again.
At this point I decided that using this type of cart/atty set up was not good & that I hated these carcinogenic plastic carts.

3.Standard 2.2ohm atty & direct dripping Riva 1100mah & eGo 650mah:

Thankfully I had included a drip tip in my order, after a little more youtube viewing I was now confident that I could vape this way too.
I found dripping to be much more pleasant than carts, the flavor was better, the vapor production was the same if not better & best of all I could tell when more drops were needed without inhaling plastic fumes/smoke.
The down side to dripping is that it is high maintenance. No matter how hard you try avoiding them leaks will happen, trying to drip & drive is impractical & at night if the power goes out seeing good enough to drip may not be possible.

All was going well enough, until one day both my 1100mah Riva's batts were flat. Which was my own fault for not recharging them when I knew they should have been. Thankfully, a kind experienced vaper had given me a brand new 650mah eGo batt, that was just collecting dust otherwise & I'd already had it charged for emergencies. This gave me the opportunity for comparison.

I found the vapor production on the 650mah eGo (fully charged) to be less than that of the 1100mah Riva & somewhat lacking. Flavor was also slightly down using the same juices, with both units using the same 2.2ohm atty & dripping. Whether this is due to the higher capacity of the Riva battery or to the working voltage of the units is unclear but my guess is the later.
Although both are rated at 3.7volts, my theory is that the eGo under load drops more voltage & thus the Riva dropping less voltage performs better.

4. LR atty & direct dripping

When I ordered my Riva, I also ordered two LR atties so I could decide between them & the standard atties included in the kit.
From the 1hour of use I got out of the first LR attie, I found that the vapor production was greater but that it was also much hotter & not to my liking, with a diminished flavor accompanying it.
Whether this was due to a bad atty or just the nature of the beast isn't entirely clear. Although the abundant vapor production & increased heat are in keeping with similar reviewer's comparisons. Shortly after use this atty decided to die on me & the second one remains as new & unused.

5. Boge Standard cartomizer (soft top)

These are more convenient than dripping & produce ample vapor with good flavor, while not being quite as good as dripping.
They work better on a 5volt passthrough than a standard 2.2ohm atty, which I found burn out faster when used on a 5v passthrough.
( See Boge LR below for filling details)

6. Boge LR cartomizer (soft top)

These are my current preferred method of vaping.
Vapor production & flavor are equal if not better than dripping on a 2.2ohm atty & are much more convenient! For their first fill I use 25-27 drops of juice & they just keep on vaping on for up to 25 puffs before needing to be refilled. Some people use the "condom filling method", however I just pop the end plug out & drip direct onto the fill material, with no bad results thus far.
On the second & subsequent fill I use between 6 & 9 drops of juice & this seems to be the point just before juice leaks out of the bottom. When filling these it is a good idea to turn them at a bit of an angle so that the drops don't drip into the center hole as much as can be avoided. If juice gets in here it may not be absorbed into the wicking material & drip out the bottom of the carto or give u a nice warm shot of juice in the mouth.
One problem with these that has been reported to me, although I am yet to experience, is that if you run the wick too dry they give off a burnt taste. If that happens, it is impossible, apparently, to get rid of the burnt taste in them & even cleaning won't help much. As I stated I haven't experienced this & to avoid it, as soon as I notice the flavor is dropping off, I refill with another 6-9 drops.
Another advantage with these is the price, they are cheap & should last 1-2weeks with normal use, though I have heard longer from other users of them.

7. Ce2 XL Clearomizer 2.6-2.8ohm:

I find with the sample I have of these that, the flavor seems to be not as good as with the LR Boges & the vapor isn't as great either. It is also warmer, due to the element being closer to the mouth.
Juice consumption also appears to be an issue with these, when compared to a Boge LR. My juice consumption increases by almost double when using it & just vaping as much as I normally would on the Boge LR.
I suspect the clearomizers would share the above traits with the other Ce2's with metal casing.

The main advantages of the CE2's appear to be juice capacity, as they hold more.
The clearomizers also have a clear "tank" so it is easy to see when it requires refilling but also has other problems with some juices melting the plastic tank, leaking from where it fits onto the battery & cracking. I have not experienced any of these faults but there are several reports of them from amonst other users.

8. Teaspoon & lighter

I have not used this method of vaping & it could be quite dangerous.
Not recommended, at any time for anyone.

9. Dermal dripping

This method involves dropping juice onto your skin & isn't recommended.
If you do happen to drip juice on yourself, get a tissue & wipe it off, then wash with soap & water.
Nicotine is a poison & in small amounts such as a few drops at less than 40mg strength on your skin will probably not cause any side effects to you. However infants, pets or wildlife may have an adverse reaction to it & in stronger concentrations it can kill if dripped onto your skin.
Please do not experiment with this & clean up any accidents with it properly.