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Thread: Siam SS and Glass drip tips

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    Siam SS and Glass drip tips

    Thought I would do a review of the Siam mod SS io6 drip tips, i06 sleeves , SS 510 driptips, and glass 510 drip tips as well.

    I love drip tips so bought one of each.

    Firstly the i06 stainless steel drip tips and shield (510 drip tip adapter)


    Great quality, and workmanship up there with the best SS drip tips I have from numerous suppliers.
    At $12 ish they are great value when compared to say a much smaller SS Ming or Super T which are around $18
    The SS sleeve is better quality than the wharf rat io6 sleeve I have for example.
    Drip holes are huge so you won't get any juice pooling
    No leaking at all
    Oring design handles size variation issues so they will all fit right down the atomiser, but you must lube with eliquid and gently wiggle down.


    They have o rings which is good as they fit snuggly, but while they will last a while best to get a spare set, in case later you need to replace them. This first batch I got were a little big, but i got some of the new correct size o rings from madbunny that future drip tips will be sent with, and they fit well now, and are easy enough to replace, took me a couple of minutes to change both in a drip tip, simple and straight forward.

    Best i06 drip tips around a must have for i06 atomiser lovers.

    Secondly the glass 510 tips.


    Great value , at 5 for $25 , when a trippy tip for example is $25 for 1 or theecig are $15 each.
    They come with a metal 510 adapter and this is good to cater for size variation in the glass
    They have a big drip hole.
    They look good, better than theecig tips, not as good as the trippy tips though but hey they are a 5th if the price.

    You only get one adapter, so can only use one at a time.
    Because the adapter inserts in the middle of the drip tip stem, it narrows the juice flow towards the bottom, so you will get some slight pooling there, and need to wait for it to settle. Not a big problem though, and if your not a dripper not an issue at all.
    510 adapter slightly loose, but a very minor gripe.

    Overall great bang for you buck, and well worth buying, the slight pooling stops them from being great though, if you are a dripper. Mad bunny has stated he will be getting some spare adapters in.

    Thirdly the SS 510 drip tips.

    Great quality, and cheap compared to others on the market.
    The have fixed the issues with the first batch and the dripping holes are larger, and just big enough that they dont pool juice.


    Overall get a few you wont be disappointed.

    All the driptips are well priced, and great quality, and all well worth buying.
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    Received the new o rings for my 3 SS i06 driptips and sleeves. They only took a couple of minutes to replace, fit really well now, and with a little lube the tips are easy to get off and on now.

    If you love i06 atomiser then you must get some of these they are alot better than any other i06 drip tips around and are really well priced as well.

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    Siam mods for the win!



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