This review is of El Toro "Cigarillos Naturales" at 18mg from The Finest eLiquid Brands Worldwide. Georgio sent me this liquid free of charge to try out, but I think you know I tell the truth by now...

House of Liquid sell a number of ranges of liquid including the Halo range, but Georgio tells me the El Toro range is his own creation and is made in America. He says he has been making tobacco leaf based nicotine liquids for around four years, but has only been doing it professionally for about a year.

The website blurb says:

El Toro are using selected Cuban tobacco leafs to naturally essence their liquids. The result is superb and dry tobacco aromas with distinctive nutty undertones just as a number of tobacco varieties that come from Cuba. If you are a real tobacco lover, this is your brand. No sugars, fruit tastes or artificial essences. Pure tobacco as close to the real thing as it gets.

The Cigarillos I've been trying is a VG/PG mix (if it is the same as the Puros it is 50/50) and came in 18mg strength, which is normally too weak for my tastes. The liquid came in a brown glass bottle with a nice "bull" logo label listing the flavour, strength and warnings. No ingredients list though. The bottle came with a child-proof top.

The little is a fairly pale yellow/gold colour and smells mainly of tobacco with acaligula sharp edge - mainly, it smells a bit "cigarette packet". The liquid flows well and drips easily.

I tried this liquid out using three different devices: a 1.5ohm Cisco LR306 on my Super T Precise Plus 18350 with a DCA, an Apex AVA LR on my Apex Alpha Ultra, and a DC cartomiser in a Siam Mods tank on my Precise Plus 18500 fitted with a Kick set to around 8 watts with an IMR 18350.

With the Cisco, the liquid tasted remarkably like a weak cigarette - the flavour vaped is more or less all mild tobacco with a bit of sharpness - possibly fruit - the aftertaste has a pronounced sharp juicy-ness. with an initial "juicy" note which passes quickly leaving a dry tobacco taste. However, despite the LR Cisco, I dont get quite enough hit for my preference. Vapour production is good though.

As with the Puros, the AVA gave more subtlety of flavour, but essentially the same main flavour - the "something else" - a sharp slightly fruit note - was more pronounced though. Again it tasted very much like a weakish cigarette.

The DC cartomiser with the Kick gave a harsher vape with a bit more hit, but essentially the same flavours.

The vapour smells mildly of tobacco, but doesn't cause comment.

Georgio tells me that the Cigarillos, like the Puros Naturales, is made by steeping Cuban tobacco leaves in PG to get the taste and smell - this also results, depending on the freshness of the tobacco, in the inclusion of "some" natural nicotine and possibly some tobacco alkaloids. For the Cigarillos the tobacco leafs used are selected from varieties destined to be used for the main body of cigars, rather than for the core like that used for the Puros.

I've found that these El Toro flavours are improved by steeping and that the flavours continue to improve on exposure to air as the bottles are emptied - I suspect this is due to "oxidisation". I decant these liquids into smaller bottles to accelerate the process.

Overall, this is a decent vape - a good tobacco liquid but not as remarkable as the Puros. It just isn't strong enough for me and lacks the "wow factor" the Puros has. Don't get me wrong - this is a very good tobacco liquid, and as close to cig-like as any other liquid Iíve tried, but not "amazing" like it's big brother.