I own and vape a Geek Vape Aegis, which I love, the problem being with it that its chip is a power hungry bugger. I have tried it with Efest (Purple) 26650 batteries, and also Brillipower 26650 batteries both were not satisfactory and running my mod @50w with a twin coil 0.25ohm I was lucky to get 100 puffs out of the Efest or the Brillipower 26650 batteries.

The Golisi solved my problems and now I am a happy vaper. I can get up to 150-180 decent 3-5 second toots out of my mod before I need a recharge. Mooch has done a review on the Golisi and you can find it here.

I do not know if these are re wraps of another brand even if they are I am happy with them.

I purchased mine here. http://www.aussie-ecigs.com/products...-26650-4300mah