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    Ozvape Creme de Menthe

    Phirex was kind enough to send me a sample of this juice, and the juice was tasty enough to stick in a brand new DCT. I've been vaping it on and off since I got it last week. At first I thought it was some kind of peppermint candy but after some steeping time the flavours came much more to life. It's good fresh but great once steeped.

    It's a funny thing how tastes can trigger memories and this one definitely did that for me, having been a slightly wayward youth, nicking my grandmother's creme de menthe one day and sneaking off to get waaay too drunk on it. I can't remember whether I got away with it or not but it didn't matter, I was always in trouble for something or other. *laugh*

    It's a very nice creme de menthe flavour and just a light chocolate note to it. The mint has a little bite but is by no means too strong. I'm a lightweight when it comes to mints, a strong menthol can really make my chest go tight so I tread lightly there. The creaminess of the chocolate, while subtle, takes a bit of the edge off as well. I mixed the doubler to 12mg and 25% VG, the colour after steeping is a very light reddish brown but still mostly clear. Vapour production is excellent in a DCT!

    While it won't ever be an all day vape for me, it's an awesome after dinner vape and also excellent for refreshing the palate. If you like Andes mints, you would probably really enjoy this vape.

    Thumbs up from me! I look forward to seeing what other flavours Ozvape brings to the table.

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    Thanks for this review, have been looking for a new flavour so I've just ordered the creme de menthe also a small bottle of mountain dew. Looking forward to trying these out.



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