So, as I have stated in my other reviews, I ordered a sample pack from Pink Spot which took about 2 weeks to arrive from Las Vegas. I thought this time around I would give the bubble gum flavour a shot. Now, let it be known that I am a fan of bubble gum vaping. Thus far I have only ever tried the HC bubble gum, and I quite like that. Even as a thirty year old man, I still enjoy the odd packet of Hubba-Bubba. The initial odour of this juice was pleasing. Pretty much exactly what you would expect from a standard bubble gum flavour. So based on that, I thought it would be pretty safe to load up a Somktech tank and dual coil catro with some of this stuff. Thank god the carto wasn't a fizzer like so many of them seem to be.

My initial thoughts while vaping this juice was that it was more like sherbet with a hint of bubble gum. Very nice for someone with a sweet tooth, which I am not. But I persisted. I nailed the flavour. If anyone here has ever gotten a show bag with the bubble gum inside, or even a packet of baseball cards which contain a stick of gum, this is not dissimilar. I started vaping at 3.7 volts, being the conservative gentleman I am, but I found that this juice really hit it's mark at about 4.7v, but this is subjective and dependant on your personal set up. I have been vaping this juice for just a little under 2 days now, and I am finding it not sickly sweet at all, it is pleasant, smooth and even one I may buy again.

Overall, out of the juices from Pink Spot I have reviewed so far, this is my personal favourite.