This was another of the flavours recommended to my by someone at work (the same person who recommended me the Grass Hopper). It came in my sample pack of 5 juices. The first thing I noticed about this juice is the fact that it is blue. Really really blue. The initial odour was not dissimilar to bubble gum. So, with that in mind I proceeded to load up a tank with the blue stuff.

I am very happy with this juice. It is almost a sherbet taste with maybe a hint (and I mean just a hint) of menthol. Very smooth down the throat and a pleasing after taste. Again, I believe this is a juice more suited to a sweet tooth, but the fact is that there is nothing sickening about this e-liquid for long term use. I have been vaping it all day. As with all the Pink Spot juices I have reviewed, the vapour production has been stellar, but that will be dependant on your personal set-up. Of the other flavours I have reviewed so far, this is my new favourite.