First review so be nice!

I've been wanting to write a review on these since about 2 days from getting it. Reason i've been delaying is i wanted to get some pictures with the silicon caps out to give you an idea.

Regardless we will move on
Product: Triple V Polypro Tanks 3ml/8ml
Vendor: Welcome to Valley View Vapes - Your Home for Quality Inexpensive Tanks and Vaping Supplies
Link: Triple V Polypro Tanks
Price: 7.99 3 ml tank / 10.99 8ml tank -Comes with Carto, Choice of hole or not, colour screw and driptip. shipping was <$10 as well

The good: Apparently juice safe, Hassle Free, Fill Hole, Screw, No leaks once its setup its good to go until the carto dies. Also have left the screw with juice on the side overnight several times, not a leak or any of that "condensation" build up around it either.

The bad:Because it has slightly convex silicon tops using it on a rounded top mod (eg apollo vtube) especially with the spring can make it hard to get the carto to lock into place (wobbles on it) i sorted it out by doing this.
carto slightly out.jpg
However on flat devices or ego's etc there is no problem.
Can be a little finicky to get the silicon tops in proper place, took me about 3-5 minutes to get it exactly where i wanted - but as u don't need to remove it to fill there's no worries once their on!
One of them did come with bits of the polypro on the inside from the drilling of the hole (but we all wash our stuff first right!)
Not the "prettiest" but they have released new pyrex tanks.

This is by far the best tank i have ever used, in both tanks with a dual punched SR Boge cartomiser - 3ml/8ml ive put through at least 3 refills on the 3ml and at least 6 or 7 on the 8ml and it has been flawless, and i mean FLAWLESS. Not a dry hit, not a gurgle, not even the slightest flood - hard draws soft draws, nothing seems to phase it.
Im not sure if its just perfect carto's, however i seem to believe it is something to do with the fill hole and equalizing the pressure when filling etc.
You also do need a syringe to fill, (bottle tops won't fit in the hole) and make sure u slide the syringe to the side of the carto especially if u push out the juice super quick like me!

If you want an inexpensive tank that just WORKS this could be it for you. Im hoping to buy a few more very soon

If any vendor's are interested in stocking it send us a PM and ill shoot the contact details to you - he did say he would be happy to do a deal with any vendors!

Have to give it a 9/10! Loses 1 point because of the slightly finicky grommets =)

Once i empty this tank ill take it apart and get some better pictures!