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    Vapebar's Death by Delicious

    Very nice. Very smooth. Very Chocolatey. Vapour will leave your living room smelling like chocolate muffins.

    I ordered this at a time when I was hooked on Vapebar's Caramel Macchiato (which itself is perhaps the best desert vape I've ever had - perfect for watching weeknight TV shows and movies with).

    I'm Not sure how long you need to steep DBD. Most chocolate vapes need at the very least a week in steeping. I mixed this one back on the 29/6, and just got round to it today. I'd give it a 2 week steep.

    I'm not sure if I'll order Death by Delicious again, as Chocolate vapes aren't really my thing, personally. But for those who are into chocolate vapes, I highly recommend this. I've sampled a few chocolate variants in the past, and Vapebar's DBD is definitely top of the range.

    Still, I'm going to enjoy this for the next week or so. It's quite a nice vape.

    EDIT : Vaping this at;
    19mg/mL ; PG100% ; 50:50 doubler
    Boge 510 - 2.3ohm carto - 3.9V - Provari
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