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Thread: My Ego-t LR

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    My Ego-t LR

    Hi Guys,

    I just recieved 2 ego-t LR atty's from ecig warehouse today. I was really looking forward to trying them out once I saw tokes review on them.

    To sum up my experience with it so far: average and not worth the hype it's been given.

    The atty I used today was not saturated in fluid, which was great. I gave it a good blow and tried it out with some Ok Smokey ejuice. I find Ok Smokey produces some of the best vapor (Golden Virginia DF) and figured it would be a good juice to try on.

    Compared with the regular Ego-t atty, vapor production is slightly better, perhaps 10-15%. The vapor is also slightly warmer. I didn't really find the TH to be much better, and the flavor was just a touch more noticeable. Being that Ok Smokey is a thicker juice, I'll try out some of the thinner juice like a Dekang to see if it's any better.

    For everyday vaping on the go, perhaps the ego-t LR is ok but one thing to mention is the amount of juice it uses. Obviously it being an LR, the juice will burn quicker. I already found the ego-t to be a bit of a juice monster, the LR version is that much more.

    Honestly, I'd save the money guys if you were looking for an LR replacement. I'm somewhat spoiled now because I use the 306LR with drip tip, not sure anything will compare to it though.

    Anyways, just my two cents.

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    Cheers for the review.Hopefully they will be able to vape the cappuccino,coffee and chocolate juices.
    Getting a little tired of the fruity stuff..
    I also ordered a couple of 510 tanks to try.
    Like to revive the old thing and pass to another heavy smoker I know.



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