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    Heaven's Gift flavours

    Just posting my thoughts on a range of Heaven's Gift flavours I recently acquired. Am trying them on my ego C three piece cone set with a battery mod.

    The first is Maryland Tobacco.

    A fairly sweet, aromatic tobacco vape that definitely has some taste and feel of real smoke, or at least more like real smoke than any other tobacco flavours I've tried. It reminds me of an aromatic pouch tobacco, like Bank or something similar.

    I have a few others I'll try shortly.

    I'd be interested in any other HG flavour recommendations from other vapers.

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    Im not much at discribing flavor I find it hard to put into words but I have tryd some HG flavors so I will give it a go

    after diluting 30ml/36mg by adding 15ml pg for 45ml @24mg and letting steep a few weeks

    my taste buds say

    Maryland tobacco
    pungent grassy tobacco flavor ..very distinct

    very nice liquor tatse not to sweet...diluted @1/3 as above formula still very strong and fullbodied

    wow this's hard to describe its like the smell of a chinese resaurant , its that funky showground smell thats all I know it as ..its addictive juice ..very dominant

    this is very nice jus like ginger ale very lemonad'y

    I think this is there RY4 version , Ive try'd dekang and hangsen ry4 and it aint nuthin like 'em that I taste
    its a zinggy burnt sugar plum type flavor very asian'y ...addictive norring flavor pretty good

    HG dont scrimp on Flavor an the fact ya can get 36mg is nice , jus wish they sold 50ml bottles as well
    Smokin no good A .

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    Actually I just got 2 10ml samplers, 1 apple DK and 1 mango HG. I've noticed a fairly big difference between the 2. The DK has more vapor and seems a much better well rounded vape, the HG is a bit harsh and lacks vapor. Is this indicative of all HG juices or are they all different?

    I don't have much of a basis for comparison.



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