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Thread: A PBusardo Review & Contest - The Z Atty Pro

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    A PBusardo Review & Contest - The Z Atty Pro

    A PBusardo Review & Contest - The Z Atty Pro

    ProVape E-Cigarettes: Buy Electronic Cigarettes & Smokeless Cigs

    This, my friends, is an epic length video. As a first time Genesis Style atomizer user I wanted to fully understand it and give you my complete experience with it in order to better help folks who are thinking of trying one.

    One thing I failed to mention in the video (even at 49 minutes long!!) was vape time. I got around 6 hours on the 4ml fill.

    To help those who don't want to sit through the entire thing:

    Preface: 00:00
    Genesis Explained: 3:25
    Where To Buy - 4:40
    How Much And What You Get - 5:30
    Packaging - 6:40
    How You Get It - 8:00
    Size & Weight - 8:40
    Build Quality - 10:55
    Vape Experience - 14:00
    Wicking - 16:00
    Vapor - 18:00
    Throat Hit - 18:55
    Vaping Position - 21:00
    Flavor - 23:00
    Nicotine Delivery - 24:24
    Leaking - 25:20
    The Draw - 26:30
    My Cigar - 29:30
    Cleaning & Removing The Tank - 31:10
    Wick Replacement - 33:20
    Recoiling - 34:00
    Working The Coil - 37:00
    Filling - 39:20
    Thumbs Up/Down - 41:30
    Contest - 45:40

    Taste in juice and devices is subjective! Whatever works to keep you off analog cigarettes is the best juice or device out there!

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    Cheers Phil. I'll check that out with a large coffee once I get home from work.

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    Awesome Phil Ive got my training wheels on at the moment fighting with the DID so this will be great to watch cheers.

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    Cheers this review got me to buy one from Vapebar.

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    In the deep dark recesses of your mind! .. Prophet of the Vapeoligists & keeper of the sacred Bewdy.
    Love how red your face went around the 29 minute mark Phil ! LOL!
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    Be good if you didn't have to fight to get one. So hard to get hold of. /end whinge

    I'll be keeping my eye on the sites for the next shipment

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    western suburbs brisbane represent!!!
    see you at vapercon phil 6 foot 6 and a hundred tons, the undisputed king of the slums...

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    Quote Originally Posted by London Fog View Post
    see you at vapercon phil

    Mate you will have a blast me and my bro thinking of going next year, Only issue is it falls just short of the NBA season starting

    Make sure you make a thread of the trip so we can live vicariously through you

    Oh great job BTW

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    I need to make a gif of him exhaling from the direct lung hit.


    The vapor! it never ends! He stood back 3 feet and it was still coming out.

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    Man this guy does brilliant reviews!

    This guy is at the top of my list along with Grim. I first caught his stuff when I was looking up the stardusts. Solid stuff.


    If I had to sum it up I would say I like the fact that regardless of what it is every tiny detail is covered. Most of the time I just watch these things to feed my own hype and hence detail = good.
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