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Thread: ECIGMODSHOP - The Good, The Good and The Good

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    ECIGMODSHOP - The Good, The Good and The Good

    Hi to all at Aussie Vapers,

    I am sure that what I am about to write will come as no surprise to many of you however I will write it anyway, it just may help someone who is looking for "that right product" but is a bit overwhelmed by the range of PV's available and just not sure what to buy or where to buy it from, what is value for money, what is considered a quality product etc etc.

    I know when I decided that my tried and trusted ego was no longer for me due to some of the frustrations it presented me at the time (May this year) I did not have a clue what to buy or even what was available let alone where to get it from.

    I am sure I am somewhat of a newbie compared to many of you on here but I have gained a lot of knowledge since May when I decided there had to be something somewhere that would keep me vaping as I enjoyed it way to much to give it away and of course the best thing was it kept me away from the dreaded cigs which is why I jumped on board the vaping train in the first place. It took me just one day of vaping and I have not touched a cig since and don't miss the stinking things one bit. How can anyone in their right mind question the value of PV's ?? but I will leave that till another day !!

    I will not ramble on any more about my personal journey I will get to the point. I have dealt with quite a few PV suppliers (obviously all on line) selling an increasing range of products, some are selling the same products as their competitors, some different products, some cheaper, some more expensive, fast delivery, slow delivery etc etc etc but to be fair I can't say that anyone was bad to deal with.

    Here is the point: "ECIGMODSHOP" [B] EcigModShop Australia I can only say great things about these guys, their products, their price, fast delivery, they respond to inquiries quickly, they are incredibly generous with their time and will lead you to a product that will suit you.

    I say this not because of one good experience but 17 good experiences. I looked at my account history with them today and I have placed orders with them on 17 different occasions since may this year (Not to mention the amount of emails the poor guys have answered sorting out my confusion) and every single time the results have been the same.

    They care about what they do, they know their stuff and are happy to share their knowledge. To sum it up "They Are Consistent" so if anyone is struggling and not sure where to go, don't do your head in, get in contact with Tim or Simon through ecigmodshop, they have been great to deal with, I have absolute faith in them and the products they sell. I now have a great range of PV's plus a heap more knowledge (and possibly another obsession to ad to the list) BUT NO ROTTEN CIGARETTES !!!

    It is rare for me to be so impressed with any business, especially an online business, I just felt they deserved the rave.

    Hope this helps someone, thanks for reading...
    Cheers, Rod.

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    If you're not Tim or Simon in disguise, I totally agree with you. Great service, great products, great prices, if I was Phil Busardo I'd give them a street shout out.
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    How much did they pay you ?
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    Move along!!! Nothing to see here.

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    Totally agree Champion Aussie vendor

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    Thanks for the Kind words Rod

    As an online shop we live or die by the feedback of our customers, and it's good to hear such a positive feedback.


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    time for a reach around or a free mod
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