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Thread: Vapinaze AC9 Review

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    Vapinaze AC9 Review

    So I've been using the AC9 for a bit under a week now and thought I would share a quick review. Just got it working well today after a fair bit of messing around.

    Build / Quality / Looks
    Top notch, the most solid device I currently own. Very heavy and makes all my mods feel top heavy when using it. Looks great on the Vamo, although in 18650 mode it is a massive beast. Also it doesn't sit completely flush, there is about a 1mm or so gap. Going to try adjusting the centre post to see if I can get it flush. Currently using it on the eVic which doesn't really match looks wise but it is a bit more manageable. Sits flush on the top of the eVic also.

    I got the kit and it helped that it came with two different gauges of wire, 28 and 30. O-rings, screws etc. However the 3 included wicks were rubbish. Very sloppy and deformed. Seems as though they have been torched to hell as I had 2 of them start peeling off strips straight away. There was bits of mesh floating in the bottle it comes with. Ended up making my own.

    Ease of setup
    Not as easy as they make it look in the videos The spring setup on the +ve post is annoying as hell, especially with thicker wire. Find myself having to push it down with my fingernail while wrapping the wire which is tedious.

    The height of the +ve post is quite short which means you have less room to wrap. Makes it hard when using thicker wire with more wraps.

    Same old hotspot issues as on every gennie I've used, I used the rolling paper trick which worked extremely well. Still had a bit of a hot spot at the top of the coil but a bit of tweaking has made it just right.

    Running it at the moment with a 2.3 ohm coil at 10.8w.

    Vapour / Flavour / Throat Hit
    Unbelievable! This thing really hits hard. Flavour is awesome with massive clouds of vapour. Throat hit is perhaps a bit stronger than usual with this juice (12mg Banana Cream) but not much. The draw is quite airy, and I have to make sure its tilted so that the air hole faces me to get it to perform. I think my wick may be a be thin and tightly rolled so its not wicking as well as it could but if I am careful to make sure it's in the right position I don't get any dry hits.

    This is the first genesis I have got working right, now I know what all the fuss is about. Overall it's pretty damn nice, although I doubt I will be using it out and about much as it is huge and unwieldy.
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    they do look nice
    im glad they perform well



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