Hi All,

Recently re-re-re took up vaping again (fell of the wagon a few times :P)
I though that I would do a quick review on JuiceWhore's Sunny Girl...

10mL Doubler - PET bottle (the nice squishy ones not the solid harder to sqeeze PE)
Blue lid, JW logo '0' nic with the PG/VG ration on label.

purchased as a 70/30 PG/VG ratio, have mixed it down with RTS Vapes 50/50 PG/VG nic to around 18mg (might be a little less as I go by eye when splitting my doublers) This bottle has been sitting in my fridge (unmixed) for around 6 months

1000mah eGo C Twist set at 3.2v Boge XL carto (LR)

Smell - Smells fantastically orangey! Not quite a true 'fresh citrus Orange', but a candy Starburst type smell (I do have a soft spot for starburst )
Taste - On the first inhale all I can taste is orange orange orange! Again not a fresh orange taste, but this time an orange chuppa chup taste. Being 'Sunny girl' I suppose I was expecting a little bit of iciness (as I though this was supposed to be like the good old sunnyboy icy poles) but unfortunately it just isn't there. Perhaps this is because I am just getting over a cold? Maybe it will appear again when I am better???
Aftertaste is still the nice mellow orange chuppa chup taste, not as bitey as the inhale but lingers well.
The TH is good, I don't like my TH too strong as it makes me cough like no tomorrow! So a definite plus.
Vapor production is excellent even off a crap delivery method.

I have also tried this juice at 3.4 and 3.6 volts and both are ok, anything over and I was getting a rough burnt taste, so did not push it. 3.4v will probably end up being the sweet spot with this juice after my cold has gone to the next person but for now 3.2 will have to do!

Anyways I just thought that I would pay tribute to a great tasting juice that has made me cut down on the dirties once again (gone from a pack a day down to a pack every 3 days.)

Coming up next I will probably do the JW Spliced lime...

Thanks for reading enjoy your vaping and have a great day...