Up for grabs is a HP N54L new in box. I picked it up from megabuy about a week ago, invoice is attached to the box. I paid 279.

For those not familiar with it the N54L is part of HP's microserver line and they make fantastic little storage boxes.

A link to the product in question:

BUY HP 712969-375 ProLiant N54L MicroServer | MegaBuy Computer Parts

These things make a great cheap NAS, ESX/KVM (For lab studies etc). Some people even use them for HTPC duties with the addition of a video card. You can pick up RAC cards etc. I have two of the previous N36L's doing NAS/Linux duties in my house and my housemate has another two. None of them have ever skipped a beat.

Ill do 250 pick up from Parramatta/Carlingford.

I could post but its heavy and probably not worth it. You could find your own postage though I guess.