This is a dual sim phone so useful for those with a personal and work phone or any other use for two sim cards (or just as an Android phone).

Was bought for me less than two weeks ago from Kogan for $199 (they're $279 from **** Smith). Only reason I don't want it is Telstra data is restricted to 2G due to the bandwidth the phone uses (as well as Aldi and Kogan). The phone is still fine for calls/texts but my main use at the moment is using the phone as a way to surf the internet.

It has been switched on, I realised that the data was 2G, then googled, realised the issue and boxed it back up.

If you're with Vodafone or Optus then there is no issue. Same if using data isn't a concern (I'm aware some weirdos still just use phones as phones/text machines )

Other option is using Telstra in one slot for superior reception/coverage with Optus/Vodafone for data.

It's meant to be a decent phone. Am only trying to flog it as Kogan are annoying in regards to returning it (meant to have a 14 day no fuss return policy)