Gday all

I bought a 2012 Navara D22. It had 2 child restraints installed, which I thought was handy as I have twins.

Just found out their new seats do not require anchor points. So I am selling these 2 restraint. $125ea pp.

They are 330+ea on market

They can be fitted to a variety of Dual Cabs. Please refer to PDF Manual (Dual Cab Anchorage #15dca) on the web

I have taken them out. Taken pics. So are ready to go. As I have mentioned , instructions in link.

Took 20 min to get both out, estimate 30 min each to install. Drill holes for the bottom mount plate (slightly bigger than spacer tubes), install with supplied wall spacer tubes.
Square up and tighten. Lift the strut up into place on roof linning and drill rivet holes, then rivet. Thats it.

If you have another make of vehicle you may have to cut new wall spacer tubes to suit the firewall thickness of your vehicle.
Also be careful when putting spacer tubes in as a slip could see them fall into the fire wall. Put bolts through front bracket, slide on spacer tubes and gently guide through holes you drilled.
A bit fiddly and a 2nd pair of hands holding the backing plate (outside) would be recommended. Put plastic protectors on outside thread.