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Thread: Get your "vintage" console fix with RetroRentals

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    Get your "vintage" console fix with RetroRentals

    I'm old enough to have lived through video gaming since pretty much the beginning. My first memories are of "Ancient Art of War" and "Ancient Art of War at Sea" on an primative floppy based XP, "Gruds in Space" on the Commodore 64 and a handful of generic Atari VCS games.

    My father never let me have a video game system, although I could always play game on PC, and I did. A lot. But this restriction meant that pretty much the second I got my first job, I started buying video game systems.

    I've been collecting for about 19 years now, and I've built up quite a collection. Yet I've always been a bit sad that my all those games hardly ever get touched, and just sit packed away in boxes as the years go by.

    So I've decided to open up my collection for others to enjoy.

    Introducing RetroRentals

    We have the following packages available, with more to come over the next few days:

    1. Old School Nintendo Bundle
    NES with 2 controllers and "Zapper" light gun. 3 games.
    SNES with 1 controller and 4 games

    2. Sega Master System Bundle
    Master System with 2 controllers and light gun. 8 games.

    3. Sega MegaDrive + MegaCD Bundle
    Sega Mega Drive II with MegaCD2 Add-On. 1x 6 button controller.
    BONUS Sega Genesis Nomad (portable Mega Drive)
    12 Mega Drive games. 3 MegaCD games. 2 Nomad Games.

    4. Nintendo 64 Bundle
    N64 (with memory expansion), 2 original N64 controllers and 1 RumblePak. 8 games.

    5. Sega DreamCast Bundle
    1 controller, 2 VMU's, DreamCast keyboard, 7 games and various demos.

    6. Sega Game Gear Bundle
    Sega Game Gear with TV Tuner (not that you can use it any more) and Master System cartridge adapter.
    Official carry case and 17 games

    7. Nintendo GameCube Bundle (with GBA SP)
    Nintendo GameCube with 1 controller and 1 Memory Card 59. 22 games.
    GameCube Game Boy Player and Game Boy Advance SP. 7 games.

    Each bundle is available to rent for a 2 week period for just $99* plus postage. We will include return packaging and postage so once you've had your retro fix all you need to do is drop the box back to your local Australia Post outlet.

    If you'd like to discuss alternative rental periods, or event hire, please drop us a line.

    * A fully refundable deposit (usually $200) is required for RetroRental packages.

    Rentals | Product Categories | Infinity Amusements

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    very cool. Puts my Dreamcast/N64/GC collection to shame. The Dreamcast has to be my saddest museum piece. So much potential wasted there

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    Great idea mate just recently sold my original brick Game Boy but I'm still surprised to see how much mint condition ones sell for...

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    New additions to our RetroRental Bundles:

    1. Atari Lynx - the world's first colour handheld console
    Includes 2x "Atari Lynx 2" portable consoles and 51 games

    2. Curiosity Bundle: Consoles you may never have seen or played before!
    Amiga CD32 with 12 games and 4 demos
    Nokia N-Gage and N-Gage QD portable consoles with 7 games

    We are also offering a special deal just for forum members throughout November...

    Get 50% off the rental price ($49.50 instead of $99) and if you've been an active forum member for more than 3 months we'll drop the refundable deposit from $200 to $100*

    Just enter the code: "AFRRND" at the checkout.

    * Refundable deposit is to cover product lose or accidental damage. If a console or cartridge "dies a natural death" you will not be charged.
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    I get all my secondhand goodness from cashies
    Move along!!! Nothing to see here.

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    New Addition: Sony PlayStation
    The console that changed gaming forever

    Includes Console, 2x Dualshock Controllers, 2x Memory Cards
    16 games and 180 game demo discs



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