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    [***CLOSED***]eGo Type A Rubber Mouthpiece

    This is what I get for online shopping late at night. I ordered these and have absolutely no use for them...

    From the Health Cabin order:

    Description:10pc Rubber mouthpiece cap for Joye eGo Type A, Item no:Joye eGo
    Unit price:$0.80 USD
    Amount:$1.60 USD

    If you could use them, just PM me your details and you can have them for free.

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    if you are out or in the office and someone is coughing and spluttering a cap is damn handy. I cut out a small piece of hard plastic to fit in the top of mine and used it to secure a string threaded through the cap and tied the other end to my lanyard. the string is just long enough that i can store the cap in the bottom of my lanyard when i dont need to use it. the black string running flush with the side of a black lanyard is not noticable

    oohh and you can vape though it if you forget to remove the cap... the vape is not great but u dont look foolish lol

    apparently you can also remove the 2 hard end caps on the T-tank's mouth piece and just use the rubber end cap to improve the draw too.
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