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    western suburbs brisbane represent!!!

    [Brisbane] Anyone want to trade some juice?

    Due to recent bollock ache events i could not attened the vape meet down logan
    this was a pain in the arse coz i have some juice i may not use or am bored of whatever,
    anyone want to swap for some they dont want? preferably someone around brisbane i dont know if i can be fannying about with post over afew bottles but i wont rule it out

    i will list them here

    Namber Juice, i bought this from Nick and Amber themselves at vapercon, its good juice but i bought alot of it and fancy a change rather than start a new bottle so i will trade a few
    i have
    2x 30ml hippie blend 24mg, kind of a herbal/menthol tea flavor

    30ml caramalised bannana 6mg

    30ml Atlanta peach leaf 18mg

    all are pg/vg mix i am unsure of ratio, some are one or two ml short but virtualy untouched, most unopened

    also i have Flux nectar from gotvapes
    7/3 mix 17 mg

    30ml rampage, tobbaco flavor

    30 ml coconut, tastes i bit like a mild tobacco with coconut, i have vaped about 4ml maybe of this,gone off it

    Pinkspot Vapors

    30ml coconut creampie 18mg

    12ml butterscotch 18mg

    12ml orange cream soda 18mg

    12ml outlaw 555 18mg

    Rawr vapor 70/30 vg /pg 18mg

    10ml poison (tobacco) +menthol added by rawr to the"cool" option on their site

    10ml ry4 (tobacco) + menthol "is there?" option

    thats it for now, i am more intrested in trading than selling and i am not really into tobacco flavors i have tried many and like very few
    i am intrested in fruit flavors, decent coconut, looking for a nice candy cherry flavor,i love bobas and gorilla juice, but i am open to try most things i like the sound of
    i would prefer not to be handed off with a load of old shite because as you can see all mine has come from top vendors and producers i am happy to drive to meet anyone really provided its within a reasonable distance

    let me know what you are intrested in, what you would like to trade for it,
    we can go from there

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    carrara on the gc
    would love to LF but i dont have anythin of compareable quality or quantity most of my stuff is still dekang/ hangsen lol
    So far only about $1200 spent on vapeing

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    ...Brisbane... regents park
    i love tobacco s but not menthol so rampage and outlaw i would like to try

    i got some nice VM Vanilia Latte 50ml 18
    VM Madbull 20ml 18
    VM Apple Back 10Ml 18
    Vk Red grape 10ml
    Vk Passionfruit 10ml
    All my juice is under under 2months old storde in a dark butter window in the fridge
    Im in regents park could meet halfway PM if interested
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    Katherine nt
    I would love to try 30ml Atlanta peach leaf 18mg

    and I have some atmos labs lime

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    I dont have anything worthy of a trade but I am interested in the namber juice(s) if you want some coin. Shipping would have to be done though, see who else can swap some with you locally first.

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    western suburbs brisbane represent!!!
    really? no local takers apart from Steve?

    am I really the only person near hear with juice?
    I am shocked, I thought people would be keen, looks like I am buying more

    Steve I will pm you a bit later mate 6 foot 6 and a hundred tons, the undisputed king of the slums...



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