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    Mt Baker Vapor from USA is here at SmokeRainbow to try and taste - samples only

    Mt Baker Vapor from USA is here for you to try and taste before you buy a bottle.

    Don't throw your mls/ money away buying bottles and then figuring out that some of flavours are simply not your taste for ocasionally or daily vape. For few bucks you can now try 10 of them.

    Their e-liquid comes in 4 NIC levels and blend of PG:VG ratio is from PG 100 to VG 100.
    At Smoke Rainbow we have 10 of their the most popular eliquid flavours. All of them are NIC 12mg/ml and VG70 H2O 30 (Cherry Tea is exception). Just perfect for those alergic to PG.

    Ecto Cooler Mt Baker Vapor, Ecto Cooler sample
    Bananas Gone Nuts Mt Baker Vapor, Bananas Gone Nuts sample
    Butterscotch Mt Baker Vapor, Butterscotch sample
    Caramel Apple Mt Baker Vapor, Caramel Apple sample
    Extreme Ice Mt Baker Vapor, Extreme Ice sample
    Hawk Sauce Mt Baker Vapor, Hawk Sauce sample
    Moo Juice Mt Baker Vapor, Moo Juice sample
    Morning Vape Mt Baker Vapor, Morning Vape sample
    Watermelon Mt Baker Vapor, Watermelon sample
    Cherry Tea Mt Baker Vapor, Cherry Tea sample

    My apologies to Admin if I opened the thread in wrong place/subforum. Please advise me

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    Sounds interesting.

    How much would this cost, and how much of each would be get to try please?

    Do they come with the water already added from MBV?

    And why is Cherry Tea the exception? To what?

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    Thank you for question

    Let me try to answer

    1. - the price per sample is .77€ or 1.00 AUD. one sample is enough to find out whether you like the taste or not
    2. - these are available at MBV Ecto Cooler E Juice Baker Vapor - Mt Baker Vapor - Electronic Cigarettes
    PG 100%
    PG 80% VG 20%
    PG 65% VG 35%
    PG 50% VG 50%
    PG 20% VG 80%
    VG 70% Distilled H20 30%
    Max VG%

    and yes, the water is added by MBV.

    3. - Cherry Tea:
    blend of PG:VG is 80:20. CT was sent as a gift to Smoke Rainbow and MBV added this one for our customers to try and taste this flavour.

    If any question please do not hesitate to ask

    Thank you for your interest



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