Probably a long shot, but I am after a few parts for the Ikarus. I recently obtained one and I cant use it due to parts needing replacing. Which really sucks, because everyone knows what its like when you get a new toy right!

So what I am after is the little insulator bungs ( X2 ) that insulate the centre post and a couple of nuts and washers for said centre post. I have spares of both for other devices, but nothing seems to fit perfectly, so I need something that I know is going to fit the Ikarus V2.1.

I have already contacted Tek in the hopes he could help and I have already contacted Pedro. Tek doesn't have what I need and pedro is on holidays (it was nice of him to reply to let me know), plus even when he does get back a few little nuts and rubber bungs are gonna cost me around $25 shipped (would need to buy both care packages), not to mention the extra wait involved in that, when all I wanna do it use this damn Ikarus!! hahaha!!

Anyone got anything laying around they could swing my way ? The little white insulators and nuts and washers are all I really need, but could use a new brass centre post and brass positive contact screw also (the post in this one is burnt and stained and the positive screw it came with is SS)

Cheers in advance for any assistance!!