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    WTB: Kanthal, Silica and Mesh

    I'm sure there's somewhere on here that's bought 100's of metres of Kanthal, Silica and Mesh.

    Anybody got a spare couple of metres of 30 AWG (is this the best gauge?) Kanthal, a couple of metres of Silica and a square of mesh they want to sell me ?

    (insert smiley here)

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    Is 30awg the best guage? Well thats a very subjective thing, it all is dependant on your vape preference, and for some 30 is the best for them, others 32, others 28 etc.

    Of the main guages readily available 30 and 32 are easiest to work with in the range of say 1.2 to 2.5 ohms single coil. I suppose I could do some of the math and work out prime guages based on typical wraps given a ohm range target, however wick thickness has and effect also type of atomiser, battery limitations etc.

    As an absolute flexible guage 32 would be it, you can do a lot of different setups with it, also .4 or .5 ribbon although it can be a little more difficult to work with to get a primo setup going but once its going it is very good.

    If your just getting into the rebuildable side and you think you might be tempted to try out different setups, find a place that sells 1m lengths of the guages you might like to try out and get them. Start out with 32, then move into the thicker stuff, 30, 28.

    Personally I have 36, 34, 32, 30, 28. .3.4.5 ribbon and use them all for varying different things, but I do dabble alot and try alot of different things.

    There are good vendors for larger rolls once you find the stuff you like, I probably wont be ordering 36 and 34 again.

    My favorite guage atm is 30 awg and .5 ribbon for what its worth.

    I now have pretty much everything I could want, next step is making my own mods and juices, watch this space er cadet....



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