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Thread: Give away for new members

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    Give away for new members

    ok Guys here it is

    This community is one great place and lately i think some people are forgetting that, this community and people have helped me out so much in my time of need and i would just like to thank you all,
    and what better way then to help some Newbs along their journey to finding there ideal type of setup.

    now when we started most of us started on Ego's and what not, it can be a scary time and costs of some items can put you off trying new things

    so i thought i would put together a little bundle for someone that wishes to try something new

    there are a few rules however (there are always rules)

    1) these items must NEVER BE SOLD (when you decide to move on or upgrade you must pass them on to another member the same way you received them FREE)
    2) you are a new member starting from the 1st July 2013
    3) you do not already own the items and you have not tried Genesis style Atomizers
    4) Must have location in profile
    5) Must have posted in the new members section and introduced your self ( i will be checking this one )
    6) i would like to here about your journey so far so maybe a little story how you got into vaping and your success rate of stop the Stinkies
    7) Postage Will Be covered by Successful Winner

    i cant think of any more rules at the moment

    in return if you are successful you will receive the following

    * 1 sigelei Mechanical Mod - takes 18650 and 18350 Batts
    * 1 18650 Batt
    * 1 18350 Batt
    * 1 RSST rebuild able Atomizer
    * 1 Batt charger to charge your Batts
    * 1 Sheet of #400 Mesh for making Wicks
    * some different AWG wire *28 AWG *30 AWG * 32 AWG for you to experiment with

    i will also throw in several different types of juice for you to try to help you find your ADV ( All Day Vape)

    i will let this run until Friday the 27th @ 8pm Western Australia Time, those that Follow the above rules and meet the conditions will go into the draw which will be picked by a random number generator (unless someone has a better idea??)
    I reserve the right not to add anybody that has not followed the forum rules.

    i believe this is a good way for new members to get involved in the community and for the rest of us to get to know them.

    if i have broken any forum rules here please let me know as i was reading them again at 3am and my head hurts.

    a photo of the items will be uploaded tonight after i get home from taking the misses to Dinner (scoring brownie points here)

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    Another good guy, good work Connor
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    Good stuff man! Lets keep up this stuff! I found it very rewarding
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    I have to agree that this is a noble act......2 weeks ago I would have jumped at this however......I now have a Roller.....a fogger, a kayfun clone and a King clone on the way.....and placed an order today ison VapeKing for an IGO-W, wick & wire. So, even though I qualify, I will pass this up to someone who is not so far along their journey......great stuff conner

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    good on you conner

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    Nice work mate Good luck guys

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    Good on you Connor,
    In the same boat as Laurie (2 weeks ago ....... ah well).

    But you have put together another great package for someone new to try out things. With the support and generousity of members on this forum, big tobacco doesn't stand a chance !
    I think that the "Quit Smoking" campaign people could learn a lot from you guys and gals.
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    good stuff dude, some nice stuff there, well done

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    Nice to see this sort of thing after the logging in this morning to see the furore on the forums.

    I think I may be eligable for this, i'm not sure what the draw is for mech mods, but i'm certainly interested. Of course, there's probably many peeps more worthy of this prize(?)

    Since most of the requirements are in relation to account stuff, i'll just mention a blurb on my vaping journey. (without further ado...)

    I stumbled across vaping after picking up a e-hooka from the local b&m smoke shop, The lass behind the counter assured me the little disposable was worth 2 packets of cigs and of course I found out quickly that that is a lie. So while googling a reason my disposable evaporated so quickly, i came across ecigs. At first I bought a joyetech 510 cigalike and some 0nic juice. I still had some cigs, but after using the disposable, i found the taste of the cigs quickly becoming unacceptable. A little further research (not enough) and I had some eliquid one the way from the states (vape dudes). Then I upgraded to some ego twist batteries and EVOD tanks. More recently I've purchased some doublers from vapeking and delicious monsta. At the moment, i'm vaping with a iTaste VV3 and AGR carto/Protank2s. I'm pretty happy with this setup. Of course the next step would be some sort of rsst/rba/rda but in truth beyond knowing of the acronyms i'm really not sure what it all means. This seems to be the next step in vaping.

    So, i'm off the cigs, at least.

    I've found some nice juice, i like (Cherry Monsta, Peach Ice, Rocket's Glare), and other's i'm not so keen on (lol pretty much everything from vape dudes (not sure what's going on there!)).

    I'm still on the fence about cleros and cartos, given that i like both, but find carto tanks a bit more dummy proof.

    I don't stink of cigarettes anymore! (yay!)
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    Wow that's an awesome offer. I'd be thrilled to have a chance to play with a mech mod & rebuildable & would definitely raise my hand for this, but ...
    Quote Originally Posted by conner83 View Post
    5) Must have posted in the welcome new members thread and introduced your self ( i will be checking this one )
    I introduced myself with a post in the New Vapers Forum, but not in that particular welcome thread :-/
    Is that good enough? *Resists urge to beg*
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