howdy all,
i'm at the beginning of a motorbike road trip and manged to spill my last bottle of juice. i'm gonna be in byron area over the weekend and i was hoping there was a kind soul there that would be open to trading me some. I have this little box of stuff that i'm looking to get rid of, and am willing to trade the whole box for 30ml (more preferably) of some yummy juice (mainly because i cant be arsed carrying it with me on my bike). I am quite partial to anise flavours (like grenada), maybe someone isnt such a fan and is willing to trade.

in the box there is:
itaste svd
brass sentinel clone
aga t2 (pyrex)
oddy clone
some random dripper clone
some wick and spare o-rings and screws for the aga

hopefully one of you lovely people can help a brother out!


edit: the wick n stuff isnt in the photo as i found it later and jammed it in